Asenso Iliganon: The 2013 Business Month Celebration of Iligan City

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” -  J.K. Rowling

In a resolution approved by the City Government of Iligan City last August 22, 2011, the month of October was declared as the Business Month of the fortress city of the south, marking October a month of highlight celebration for budding entrepreneurs and businessmen who all contribute in the economic growth of Iligan.  The celebration, which is also called ‘Asenso Iliganon’, showcases the limelight of an empowered resident of Iligan who takes pride in embodying the values, character and resiliency of a true Iliganon. Asenso Iliganon imbibes the message of excellence and development that Iliganons should live in their visions.

The Business Month Celebration is inspired with many visions.  These are the following:

  - To revitalize the trade and commerce in the City of Iligan by bolstering its image as the new Investment Destination of Mindanao
- To provide an avenue for the local business  sector for crafting their own visions, missions, plans and strategies which could enhance the business climate in Iligan
- To institutionalize the holding of business conference/conventions, regularize trade exhibits, and strengthen the opportunity of the small players (small and medium entrepreneurs to showcase their products
- To strategically perk up the economic activities that increase the sales of products and services of local stakeholders in the conduct of business activities and the entire month of festivity. 
To bolster the interest of the local stakeholders that will spur economic development , thereby increasing  investor confidence in the local government unit
- To encourage the local stakeholders to conduct festivities and business activities through international and national conventions , seminars, trainings, exhibits trade fairs and congress in order to ensure a steady stream of customers and buyers of local products

The City of Iligan has a lot to look forward for this 2013. With the new set of city government officials, the promise to economic lift has been relived.

This year’s Asenso Iliganon celebration is not far-fletched from this goal. Just like last year, the city will be showered with different business opportunities for both micro-scale entrepreneurs and businessmen in the metro.  Here is the activity schedule for the month of October:

The Iligan Night Market

To start with, the re-opening of the Night Market is a good sign in the direction of Iligan City’s cooperative business-friendly climate for micro-enterpreneurs. The Night Market do serve as the avenue for SMEs to showcase their products. With the gaining popularity of second-hand clothes or ukay-ukay along with street vendors and mobile stores, the Night Market is still a trendy spot for night-goers who just simply want to have a taste of Iligan’s best during the night.

Certainly, the Night Market has been a one-stop hub for would-be enterpreneurs and is a great avenue to introduce their product lines to the Iliganons and tourists.

Social Media for Business Summit

We all know how internet has transformed the socio-political landscape of today. It has made information reach the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. Apparently, the social media is one effective avenue for marketing business precisely because it’s the best point of convergence for people.

Indeed, major information outlets such as television channels and newspaper companies are already tapping on the power of social media in for the channelling of their products to their consumers. They wouldn’t have to go to the offices of these companies for inquiries or even purchase of their products. Sometimes, you can even make a purchase online and they will do all the shipping and delivery.

The Social Media for Business Summit aims to give first-hand information on how to optimize the use of social media for businesses. An effective social media marketing plan will surely get a boost for businesses and this summit will look at that opportunity to give a boost to the local stakeholders here in Iligan City.

The Iligan Business Night

The Iligan Business Night is the meeting of the city’s prime businessmen and leaders from different organizations and industries. It’s a night for socialization and networking where these entrepreneurs can meet-up and talk about the different strategies in businesses. One of the main highlights of Iligan Business Night is the group activity wherein participants will be divided into different groups and they will have to come up with diverse and unique business ideas that the city could possibly tap.

More than that, it also re-establishes a firm network of collaboration for the different owners of businesses and industry representatives. The value of cooperation shouldn’t be undermined and the private sector must be full-force in envisioning their corporate goals with the development of Iligan City.

Iligan Business Unity Fun Run

Organized by the Iligan Bay Chamber of Industries, the Business Unity Fun Run is on its 2nd year of implementation right now. The activity aims to send the message of unity in engaging into physical activities while imbibing the vision of development towards the city.

This fun run will be graced not just by the enterpreneurs of the city. This is open for registration to everyone who wanted to participate in this event for Iliganons. It inspires the message that in order for people to be successful, they have to be healthy and active in pursuing their goals.

The Trade SME Fair

Image Courtesy of 'Iligan in Focus'
Other than the Night Market, the Trade SME Fair also envisions the empowerment of micro-scale enterprises and small businesses through showcasing of their products to the Iliganons. The Trade Fair exhibits happen at the 2nd Floor of the Gaisano Mall from October 11-13, 2013.

With this, people will be given the chance to get to know better the existing products and services that they can take pride from here in Iligan City. It’s also worth noting that in fairs like this, we are able to bring forward the unique and growing products of Iligan City such as the Piaya de Iligan. This is where the humble beginnings of Sukang Pinakurat and Cheding’s Peanuts happened.  

These are just some of the highlight events of the 2013 Business Month Celebration. There are still a lot more to look forward to and you have all the options in attending the event of your choice.

The launching of this year’s Iligan Business Month is set this October 7 at the Anahaw Amphitheatre.  The event will be attended by the city’s dignitaries most especially the City Mayor and the rest of the local government officials. This will then be followed by a motorcade and a press conference.

Asenso Iliganon is more than just a celebration. It’s a movement for an empowered Iliganon who strong-willed enough in speaking for the truth and be dynamically involved.

The success of Iligan City lies on the collaborative efforts of its constituents and Asenso Iliganon is a perfect avenue to show our active participation with the city’s activities. There’s no other way but looking at this as an opportunity of coming together and celebrate Iliganon’s empowerment.  

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