at 22 :)))

Yes, I'm turning 22 today!

At 22, I must say that I've been through a lot. But after all, I'm still alive and kicking. And I don't think there's something that can make me feel too bad about something. I'm happy and I've learned to be and I will always try to be. I'm young and this world deserves my smile. On the other end, I must say that the greatest accomplishment probably at this age is maturity. I think I've been through the worst and the best and what I just simply wanna do now is live in the middle of everything. But here is a list of the things that I have done (at least those I can remember) since my last year's birthday.
  • Try some extreme adventures (upside down ziplining at Maria Christina, Oblation pose at the top of a dangerous baluster in Maribago Resort, climbed the topmost cliff of Dodiongan Falls, swam against the rapids of Tinago,etc.)
  • Do/encountered some weird things (wore nursing shoes and played against the waves in Centennial Beach with Ate Shugs. we literally got many bruises after this one, special pizza delivery, confronted a thief in a fastfood chain, writing a pile load of complaint letters, got chased by a psycopath, almost got drowned in Tinago, etc.)
  • Being a freelance speaker. (Biodiversity Forum, Blogging Seminar in XU, Mechanized Infantry Brigade, JCI and other environmental and peace forums. )
  • Getting lost/left. (I got lost in an EFL country. I was accidentally left in Sec Cup. Me, Karen and two other friends got lost somewhere in a forest/park uptown in CDO in search of a pool. 
  • Reunion/Pleasure trip/Travels. (Iloilo with Mel, Mark, Kez and Mik. Sierra Madre/Cordillera/Quezon/Laguna - DYEA. Baguio City / PACSA. Bohol /Itransform. Cebu (3 times) /Internship/Plant tour and Itransform, Indonesia and Singapore) 
  • Winning Contests (2 Int'l (Concern and IBC), 3 Nationals and a couple of local). 
  • Got hired as social media associate, aside from my web dev't work. 
  • Met new friends. (JCI, Rotaract Uptown, Silahis, 350, DYEA, IBS, and many others) I'm very thankful to all of them. 
I also have a lot of rejections, frustrations and heartbreaks and that's very natural. We just don't have to focus on the negative things. I really like the rise from ashes stories. Be optimistic 'cause whether we like it or not, there's always a positive side of everything. At 22, I'm happy and I wanted to continue what I have started. :)))  

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