Strolling in Iloilo

Last February, I found myself strolling in Iloilo City. This was probably my first trip out of guilty pleasure and  it turned out that everything was just worth it. 

The first thing that I could say about Iloilo City is that it has a lot of monuments and ancient churches. I could really say that the city must have gone through some rich history. And I think beyond that, the people love the way they preserve these monuments. This can be shown by how preservation efforts of these areas were also very apparent. 

I love photo walks. I just think that the best images are captured in their most natural angles. This is one of the busiest circles in Iloilo. I remember being here when I was 12 years old and nothing has really changed a lot. 


I and my bestfriend Mel went to the Filipino-Chinese street. Since Dinagyang Festival has just ended, the highway was closed to give way to the festivities. It was a perfect opportunity for bikers and people who love walking to take the street freely. During regular days, this highway is labeled as one of the busiest highways of Iloilo City. 


Here is my bestfriend, Mel. We call each other 'Bee'. And I'm always happy to have her around. She's probably one of the most talented people I know. The girl was a band vocalist before and she knows how to play the piano. She's an artist and she draws very well. Indeed she had her painting and poster exhibit in a mall in Bacolod last year. And she's very great at photography, photo and video editing. At the bottom of all these things, she told me to never settle in mediocrity. We were partners in almost all projects in our summer school in US and sometimes, she edits my work and make it excellent. We take crazy vids together, dance and sing together in our cultural performances, as well as talk about crazy stuff in the bus. I think she's someone I can easily relate to. She was the one who told me that excellence is a virtue and we should always strive to be in our best shape for everything.

This is the other side if I take a photo from the cathedral. The photo of the cathedral above was taken just right across this street. Actually, that tower out there is in a dinosaur park. I just didn't take a photo of the dinosaurs because they kinda lost their aesthetic values. 

And then we did our traditional jump shots. 

Everything was fun in Smallville, the party capital of Iloilo City. 

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