Must-Watched TV series: A Countdown Review

Television is probably one of the greatest inventions of  humans. And I claim that on the perspective of how it  is able to catalyze future innovations that are based on parallel models, as well as how television has shaped mindsets, values and cultures. Media can affect how a society works. And as much as we argue that what transpires in the television are reflections of day-to-day observations in our daily lives, it can actually come across the other way around. And it is that maybe it has also changed our beliefs to how its creators want us to imagine what our societies should be. This is the singularity approach of enticing the social subliminal consciousness and wanting to slowly simulate a transforming society that is bound by elevations from the current set-up that we have.  

Recently, I have been very hooked to Hollywood TV series, commonly those produced by CW. They really set the bar high when it comes to television production. Since they air only one episode in a week, they are able to produce quality productions. Comparing it here in the Philippines wherein media companies tend to produce so many television series, it could reach to a point that it's becoming more blunt that creativity is dwindled with the repetitiveness of the  story lines. If they just got themselves stacked with one good baseline plot and dynamically look at different dimensions of the characters, which is the case in US, they would have had come up with better television series that would last through the years. 


Arrow is a story about a billionaire brat in Starling City who got stranded in an uncharted island for 5 years. Everyone thought that he died together with his father in a yacht accident. After having surpassed the threats in the island and got through an unexpected rescue by some Chinese fishermen, he goes back to the city with a mission. And that is to correct the mistakes of his father by fighting crimes and corruption based on a mysterious list. With his bow and arrow skills at hand, will he be successful in toppling those who go against his line? 

Arrow is so far our typical Thursday watch not just for my classmates but also here in the pad. It is full of action with interesting twists in the story - on how his long time bestfriend Tommy found his way to Oliver's ex-girlfriend Laurel's heart, how Laurel still love Oliver despite being in relationship with Tommy, how Oliver's sister Thea is madly in loved with Tommy, or how Oliver's mother sabotaged the yacht incident and is one of the culprits in the city's horrific business scheme, and all other things. People of all ages should watch this awesome show.  


If you're fond with reading reviews before you even watch a certain television series, for sure you'll never miss recommendations in watching this talk-of-the-town sitcom. How I Met Your Mother, consistently on the top of rating charts, is an eccentrically humorous show about a father in the year 2030 narrating a story to his son and daughter about how he met their mother. The episodes will kill you laughing, though it's unrealistic     on some moments. An example of which is the aquarium with a scuba diver that shows up every time someone gets dizzy or hallucinatory. But then, who really cares right? If you need a good laugh, then this is the right show for you.


Gossip Girl is kinda interesting. But if you're busy with academic matters and more, don't start watching. You might get hooked up on this. You'll realize later on that Gossip Girl is actually a guy, idiot. The show starts with this famous line, "Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan Elite." I like Serena, a lot to the point that I come to stalk her every single day in different social media platforms. Some people are just so good at turning their sexy angles on and wear them naturally. GG has been acclaimed for its critical success in fashion influence and putting New York in the spotlight. XOXO

Here are some of the other TV series that you could check on. It would be better if you read on reviews or read the plot. You can also have a catch of its trailers. These three series are still on air and you can watch episodes online. But if there's one thing I'm sure of - it is that these shows will never fail you. 




Hopefully, Philippines could come up with better television shows now, more than just the repetitive 'Other Woman' stories. There are lots of creative film directors in the competitive sea so they should be tapped. After all, these television shows can affect upbringings, perceptions and values. Their effects should never be missed out, as much as we want to advocate what's ours first over the others. But with a comparative mind, nothing beats the lenses of curiosity and weighing what's worth watching after all. 


  1. You should include Nashville, Homeland, Modern Family and American Horror Story in your list.

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