On Love

Being in love makes you feel like you can do every thing. But at the same time, it can make you feel powerless. 

Love comes in different forms. It can be love for your family, love for material objects, love for your romantic partner, love for faith, love for yourself and many more. Some people are really very good at balancing all these outfits of love. And on certain cases, they just can't really co-exist. To me, love for one's self is the most important. You shouldn't do anything that will make you feel powerless in a situation. Love is sometimes greedy, and it asks you to face extreme lines where you have to choose only one from these forms. But when you choose to love by giving up the things you preserve for yourself, you're keying in the worst possible outcomes. And those things come when you lose the last tidbit of self-esteem that you have. For if you can't afford to love thy self, what kind of love can you really share to others?

Others say love is also about lust. And yes, maybe it makes sense getting into the pants of someone before you shed emotions all along. But I think if you look at the greater perspective, it's more than that. It can be a part of it, but it just really isn't. 

Love sometimes becomes our own interpretation of escape from things that we continue to deny to ourselves. We deny to ourselves how imperfect our families were, and that's why we look for attention from someone else. When we fail in an exam in the name of love for excellence, we seek comfort by going into shopping in the love of material things; or maybe because we wanted to clothe ourselves because in a way it hides our ambiguities, failures, doubts and rejections. 

Whatever it is, love is so complicated. And it's hard to accept that all of us look for its real meaning. Yet at the same time, it is the reason why we live and we still live the life that we have - regardless of how sad it could be. And regardless that we know that in finding one is abridgment of pains, sadness and sorrows, we continue to trudge the path this life is caving in. For if it isn't love, then what else could it really be that could explain why we choose to live after all?

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