How to Do Eco-wrapping

For this season of gift-giving, everyone wanted to keep up with the trend and that certainly includes all the cheers associated with gifts. Gift-giving is just everyone's thing. It's a way of reminding us that we have to return the blessings that have been given to us. And even if we don't receive anything in return, that warm feeling of having been able to give something to others and make them happy is already well-elating enough.

2012's Christmas is different. It was projected that 4 days before the Christmas Day will be the doomsday, a certain end to the world according to the told-to-be one of the most accurate calendars in reference - the Mayan Calendar. And I'm writing to you in 24th, which means that if I believe enough in an end to life, then it's accurate for me to say that the end of the world has been postponed. The relevance of which is that, this whole fear is founded on the threatening outfits of climate change, like typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes and many more. 

Corollary to this, wherever you are in the world, you're bound to give or receive something in this season. And almost all of these Christmas gifts that we receive, or give, are packaged in papers and plastics among all other things. It would even be of tradition to give credit to someone who comes up with the best wrapping. But in the end, at the bottom of it, all of us carve the demand to cut more trees to package these fancy gifts that we have. If we don't wrap a gift, it would lose the surprise associated with the gift itself. So gift wrapping has been traditionally part of the whole idea.  Yet the clamor still exists. How do we supplement this demand and enjoy the Christmas without necessarily compromising our environment?

The answer is Eco-wrapping. 

Eco-wrapping has been slowly introduced in the mainstream right now and more and more people attend to the cause. There are many ways in coming up with a good eco-wrapped gift. 

1) First is to look for the available materials that you have. Of course, we have to utilize the available resources that we have so that we can come up with a personalized wrap. You can look for newspapers, used colored papers, scissors and gluing materials. 

2) Secondly, think of a design given the resources that you have collected. Always take note of the size of the gift that you are wrapping. It wouldn't make sense recycling a shoe box when you end up wrapping a wrist watch after all.

3) Now start cutting and trimming the papers given the designs you have in mind. You can be as creative as you can be. You can also include images from used magazines to make your gift more colorful. But also remember that you have to keep it simple and neat. 

4) Then lastly, add a sticky note stating the name of the person to whom the gift will be sent to.

That is just my idea about eco-wrapping. All of us have our own creative insights and ideas on how to do it. Personalize it so that you can come up with something more unique. Add more details and all. It would be cool to integrate our advocacy with the fun activities that we do in our daily lives.

Happy Holidays everyone! Merry Christmas!

Photo credit:

Christian Sangoyo


  1. This looks like a good idea. I wonder how many people actually remember the colors, pattern or design and the type of wrapping their gifts were wrapped in after the day of opening them has come and gone. The wrappings are usually just tossed into the trash and forgotten about. The only place where I can see this kind of wrapping making a difference would be in pictures taken with gifts under the traditional Christmas Tree. As shown in your picture, the color of the ribbon can offset the newspaper wrapping. What a novel idea !

    Merry Christmas !

    1. Yeah, you're right Bob. Not all people think about the way it was wrapped after the gifts have been opened. Yet the waste that can possibly accumulate after the celebration is really really big. It depends on how a certain person would design his gifts based on the resources he have. You know, we can showcase our creativity somehow, and all other things. I wonder how you guys celebrate your Christmas and how it differs from us though.


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