With about 40% of the world population being expected to live in water-scarce regions by 2025 and electrical consumption of water sectors projected to increase by 30% for the next 20 years, it’s very important to integrate the discourse of water-energy needs in the global platform. We obviously have to strike a balance between elevating the discussion to more comprehensive alternatives down to implementing it in the grass roots through simple and engaging community solutions.

In light of the global threat, what steps can individuals, businesses or world leaders take to address the most pressing and often interrelated water and energy challenges? And with the current trend of internationalization that we have in status quo, how much of a unity is worth commending when it comes to individual efforts and accumulating them up to a global endeavor?
We need to look at the lens of water being an eminent source of energy, where foundation of human existence is centralized. By the very basic fact of it, utilization of any other form of energy is hinged on the ability of humans to control and harness potentials. Increasingly, water and energy scarcity is a global phenomenon and it affects millions of people all over the world.
Thus, what are we going to do to solve the water and energy threats that the globe is facing?
Sustainability is a big key in our options. We need to layer out where the problems exist and start from there.Plus, we have to make the move bigger so that everyone could freely contribute in the process.
All of us, whether we be national leaders, ambassadors, social media actors, teachers and all, are community individuals ourselves. Therefore, we have an utmost responsibility to contribute in our very own localities given our ability to consume and pose the threat in supplementing our needs. This stands on the idea that humanity is the greatest threat to environment but also its greatest hope. So whatever action we do being community individuals, we’re already contributing to the global process. The only answer is to harness the immediate solutions around us being ourselves, utilizing the influence and resources that we have in hand.
Business leaders can always introduce eco-friendly solutions in the private sphere without compromising their ability to forward their very own corporate interests. It’s currently happening with private actors tying up with the government in giving incentives to water-conservation efforts or alternative energy innovations. Perfect examples of which are the water-fuelled car which directly derives it energy from water and the Green awards that provide recognition and merits to those who have done exceptional efforts for the environment.
On the other hand, the best that world leaders can do is to enable empowerment of communities, organizations and even local actors who think of the solutions available at hand. It can range from sustenance of research centers that put remarkable lights in saving energy, aids of patent applications and recognition to scientists, down to provision of scholarships to experts who have made remarkable advancements in creating technologies for the treatment of waste water, and all other things. We can also tap on a rich multimedia content in amplifying education about water conservation efforts.
All in all, it still trails back to being the individual that we are in our communities. If it means going beyond what we are now, we should willingly take that to escalate the movement into another level. We all have an indirect accountability with each other, and that means direct accountability to the place where we live. All of us are agents of change, and we create the pieces of that movement.

This is an entry to the Masdar Engage Blogging Contest. 


How to Do Eco-wrapping

For this season of gift-giving, everyone wanted to keep up with the trend and that certainly includes all the cheers associated with gifts. Gift-giving is just everyone's thing. It's a way of reminding us that we have to return the blessings that have been given to us. And even if we don't receive anything in return, that warm feeling of having been able to give something to others and make them happy is already well-elating enough.

2012's Christmas is different. It was projected that 4 days before the Christmas Day will be the doomsday, a certain end to the world according to the told-to-be one of the most accurate calendars in reference - the Mayan Calendar. And I'm writing to you in 24th, which means that if I believe enough in an end to life, then it's accurate for me to say that the end of the world has been postponed. The relevance of which is that, this whole fear is founded on the threatening outfits of climate change, like typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes and many more. 

Corollary to this, wherever you are in the world, you're bound to give or receive something in this season. And almost all of these Christmas gifts that we receive, or give, are packaged in papers and plastics among all other things. It would even be of tradition to give credit to someone who comes up with the best wrapping. But in the end, at the bottom of it, all of us carve the demand to cut more trees to package these fancy gifts that we have. If we don't wrap a gift, it would lose the surprise associated with the gift itself. So gift wrapping has been traditionally part of the whole idea.  Yet the clamor still exists. How do we supplement this demand and enjoy the Christmas without necessarily compromising our environment?

The answer is Eco-wrapping. 

Eco-wrapping has been slowly introduced in the mainstream right now and more and more people attend to the cause. There are many ways in coming up with a good eco-wrapped gift. 

1) First is to look for the available materials that you have. Of course, we have to utilize the available resources that we have so that we can come up with a personalized wrap. You can look for newspapers, used colored papers, scissors and gluing materials. 

2) Secondly, think of a design given the resources that you have collected. Always take note of the size of the gift that you are wrapping. It wouldn't make sense recycling a shoe box when you end up wrapping a wrist watch after all.

3) Now start cutting and trimming the papers given the designs you have in mind. You can be as creative as you can be. You can also include images from used magazines to make your gift more colorful. But also remember that you have to keep it simple and neat. 

4) Then lastly, add a sticky note stating the name of the person to whom the gift will be sent to.

That is just my idea about eco-wrapping. All of us have our own creative insights and ideas on how to do it. Personalize it so that you can come up with something more unique. Add more details and all. It would be cool to integrate our advocacy with the fun activities that we do in our daily lives.

Happy Holidays everyone! Merry Christmas!

Photo credit:

Christian Sangoyo


On Love

Being in love makes you feel like you can do every thing. But at the same time, it can make you feel powerless. 

Love comes in different forms. It can be love for your family, love for material objects, love for your romantic partner, love for faith, love for yourself and many more. Some people are really very good at balancing all these outfits of love. And on certain cases, they just can't really co-exist. To me, love for one's self is the most important. You shouldn't do anything that will make you feel powerless in a situation. Love is sometimes greedy, and it asks you to face extreme lines where you have to choose only one from these forms. But when you choose to love by giving up the things you preserve for yourself, you're keying in the worst possible outcomes. And those things come when you lose the last tidbit of self-esteem that you have. For if you can't afford to love thy self, what kind of love can you really share to others?

Others say love is also about lust. And yes, maybe it makes sense getting into the pants of someone before you shed emotions all along. But I think if you look at the greater perspective, it's more than that. It can be a part of it, but it just really isn't. 

Love sometimes becomes our own interpretation of escape from things that we continue to deny to ourselves. We deny to ourselves how imperfect our families were, and that's why we look for attention from someone else. When we fail in an exam in the name of love for excellence, we seek comfort by going into shopping in the love of material things; or maybe because we wanted to clothe ourselves because in a way it hides our ambiguities, failures, doubts and rejections. 

Whatever it is, love is so complicated. And it's hard to accept that all of us look for its real meaning. Yet at the same time, it is the reason why we live and we still live the life that we have - regardless of how sad it could be. And regardless that we know that in finding one is abridgment of pains, sadness and sorrows, we continue to trudge the path this life is caving in. For if it isn't love, then what else could it really be that could explain why we choose to live after all?


The Glamour of Lights in the Midst of Forested Heights

There are so many images that flash into our minds just at the thought of going to Baguio City. You can definitely imagine yourself picking up the bare strawberry fruits in the famous farm in Benguet. Yes, Strawberry Farm is not in Baguio City, but is 30 minutes away from the heart of the Pines Central. This one interesting fact is just one of the many astounding realities Baguio has to offer to visitors who hail from all over the world. It's not my first time in Baguio City. But every visit seems like a first time tied with new adventures and unique experiences. 

 Every time I go to Baguio City, I always make sure that I have this kind of shot. I have been keeping pictures of me riding a horse in  this exact place ever since I was a child. It's a way of reminding myself how I've grown through the years. 

Baguio is a place for everyone. As how Chanda say it, she can definitely live in Baguio for the rest of her life. For me, Baguio City is the best place I've been into in the Philippines. I travel a lot, but Baguio is just something worth remembering. It's a place you would want to visit every single year with your loved ones. 
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