Seeking Adventures at Dahilayan Adventure Park

"The Little Baguio of the South"

This is how some people describe the Dahilayan Adventure Park right now, which is also called Forest Park. If you want to have extreme adventure, for sure this place must be a very good option. It boasts the longest dual zipline in Asia. It also has the Zorb, Trampoline, ATV ride, treetop challenges, winch boarding, drop zone, ropes course and many more. 

When you set your foot at the place, the feeling of the cool wind gushing at your face and welcoming you at full delight is just very heart-warming. It actually feels like you're in Baguio, where it's windy in a sunny day. It's cool everywhere, literally. There are many lounges and picnic tables. There are many picturesque shots that you can take photos of. It's really a wonderful scenery out there. 
The Forest park is located around 44 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro City, at a municipality in Bukidnon called Manolo Fortich, which happens to be my hometown. It's a place with loads of things to do. I think what you have to prepare is a bit of money for the rides, since they range from about P200 - P800. The park itself has some swamps and man-made lakes where there are fishes and ducks swimming. In the forest area, you can find many miniatures of animals of great diversity. 

If you could notice, most of the animals are miniatures of those that rarely exist in our country. Giraffes, for example, can't be found in the Philippines. They make up a good view of display shooting up as if you really are trapped in a real forest.  There are playgrounds and fish ponds in the area. If you feel hungry or thirsty, a restaurant is right at the gate area which serves a diversity menu. There is also a souvenir shop that sells customized t-shirts, key chains and many more. You can also opt to have a henna tattoo. 

If you're going to go to Dahilayan, it's best if you have a private vehicle so that you can have full control of the time on when to leave the place and also for checking the nearby places. There is a resort  adjacent to the Forest Park which also offers different sets of activities for enjoyment.

Dahilayan is really at its verge of development. I even wonder how developed it can get by now since it has been some time already from my last visit. And some celebrities had their movie shot in the awesome area. But the best healing is to check the place by yourself. 

If you can't secure a private vehicle, there is a ride by van from Cagayan de Oro City that will really get you to Forest Park. It waits in Coffeeworks Divisoria by 8 am during Saturdays. Other good option is to take a van to Camp Philips from Agora Terminal and upon arrival, take a deal with a motorcycle driver fixing the rate first before you take the ride. Most importantly, always verify the details before the trip and plan ahead. 

You can check their website here:


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