Sining Kabataan para sa Kapayapaan 2012

"The more we sweat in peace, the less we bleed in war" - Vijaya Laksmhi Pandit (1900-1990)

I can still remember that very moment when I first heard this phrase. It was in YMCA's Extemporaneous Competition way back in my high school years. Since then, this quote reminds me of how peace is one of the elusive things that a lot of people in this world are looking for. And that is the answer towards justifying why liberty becomes the greatest gift to humanity. Right now, I find myself in the midst of my own discretion, finding myself as a peace advocate, a believer of reconciliation of dissenting parties, a Mindanaoan weaving my own thread of efforts for a peace that we can call truly ours.  

Last November 17, the "Sining Kabataan Para sa Kapayapaan" Pre-Finals Selection was conducted under the theme  "Love of God, Love of Neighbor, A Challenge for Mindanao". The activity attracted about 54 different submissions all over Mindanao and encompasses different forms of art like paint, drawings and digital art.  Here are some of the winning posters in the said event. 

The members of the selection committee were Datu Loloi Sandigan, Anna Marie Dizon, Rhea Connie Coopera, Rev. Philemar Sabarre and Abduljabbar Guro. 

After the activity, the Top 20 posters will be brought to Davao for the finals. The winning poster will be used as the official poster of the Mindanao Week of Peace, and the winning artist will be invited for an all-expense paid trip to join the peace dialogue in Davao as well as receive cash prizes.  

With the help of these happy volunteers from CCCM-JPED and Mindanao Tri-partite Youth Core, the event was deemed to be successful. But this is yet the start of the many activities that are lined-up for the celebration of the Mindanao Week of Peace 2012. By taking the steps slowly, peace in Mindanao will finally pave its realization someday. 

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