10 Awkward Things that I Do ( And You Might Too)

In a lot of times, we find ourselves in awkward situations. Don't get me wrong 'cause I know all of us have these awkward moments. It's just either we don't wanna admit it, or we find it awkward to talk about awkward things that we do (whether it be in public or not). And so I came up with a list of the things that I do awkwardly, just so to find out if other people do so and not make me feel looney on this matter. 

1) Pretending to laugh.

Sometimes, I pretend to laugh on times when I don't get the thing and everyone else is laughing. That's just crazy. It's maybe because we just don't wanna feel like we're too 'bobo' lagging behind a common joke which everyone finds hilarious. But on some cases, I understand jokes pretty well, but I don't find them funny. And that's where I start pretending to laugh just to make it look like 'I'm not the room's party-pooper'. Yet guess what, there's always that someone who comes out to be the one who can't pretend to laugh. It's a choice that we should all respect, the variation of how we fit ourselves in a specific situation. And it's certainly, awkward!

2) Singing when someone finds us talking to ourselves. 
Admit it or not, but I have asked a couple of people about it and it also happened to them. There are times when we just wanna talk to ourselves, right? It's not the typical 'shirts-off posing or fueling narcissism in front of the mirror'  shit but it's a natural human doing in our alone times. And the absolute rule is to never get yourself caught, otherwise the person who caught you talking to yourself will think that you're silly. I do that sometimes, like recalling a debate speech or rationalizing what to respond to someone. And when someone finds me doing so, I pretend to sing in a random note that even me don't understand. That's crappy awkward!

3) You have to Google a word so you can respond to a chatter.

And there's a tip here. You need to google that hellish word out of nowhere that is used by that alien person chatting you as fast as possible so that he won't find out that you don't know the meaning of that crap. Okay, that's just a long sentence. I do that sometimes 'cause I' m not a vocab geek. But at the same time, it's unnecessary act. But if you do so, it might get a bit awkward but it can help you in improving your dictionary. I actually feel like I wanna help X Factor by banning the word 'amazing'. Shoot to you, Brit. 

4) Everyone is quiet and you sound like a dying whale because of your cough - the worst when it happens in a retreat.

Dude, this is one of the worst feelings ever. Like ever. Last year's November, I went to a leadership retreat in Taytay, Rizal. And I'm at my worst state. I was having a fever then, with cough and colds. It's a retreat, right? So we do have a lot of quiet sessions. But I can't help it. There are times when I just can't exit because I'm in a closed circle discussion or asking an excuse in a group of 30 to go to the comfort room is just not an option. What am I gonna do? Keep the noise as awkwardly minimal as possible, even if you sound like a dying whale. Awkward! (I love whales though)

5) That moment when you say goodbye to someone and you both walked the same way
Well, it happened to me a couple of times. And you're like, f*ck , that's just awkward, most especially if you're not that close to that someone. 

6) When you can't stop laughing while telling a joke and when you're finally done, your friends don't even get it.

This is so me. When I share jokes, I can't help myself but laugh about the whole idea and I always end up having friends who are laughing at me and not on the joke simply because they don't get it. 

7) When you stutter and someone dropped it off because the person thinks you're over. 

Sometimes, I really stutter when I'm talking and it's weird when people drop it off and start talking thinking that you're done. It happened to me once, I guess. When I was introducing myself to a couple of people, and I got a little bit stuttered. But then the emcee started thanking me for that. Well, thanks! 

8) That moment when you try to explain a song but you don't wanna sing it and your friends are like 'What's the first note? Can you sing it?'

Okay. I just said it. I find it really awkward though because I have been into so many 'trying-to-explain-a-song' moments and I just don't really wanna sing it because I don't know the lyrics. 

9) There's something in your friend's face when you're eating together and he/she's in front of you. Or you were in a date at a movie theater eating pop corn and you don't know where to scrub your hands to get rid of the orange flicks. 

It's awkward. I'm sure it's gonna be difficult to tell your friend about the situation. But at the same time, I think it's gross to continue eating with such a view or the possibility of it getting into your food. On the second one, and someone taught me this, you just have to rub it off in the bottom of the chair and you're cool. 

10) That moment when you accidentally typed your password at the username box when you're using someone else's computer.

The worst is if it's your girl/guy, right? Privacy call, pronto! I think everyone deserves privacy, but sometimes, lameness pays off. 

So I know that a lot of people have their own miseries and awkward moments to share. I have a lot when it comes to previous relationships but it's too privy to share. I think awkward moments are good in a way because they're good sources of hilarity. I pretend to text when placed in an awkward situation, or pretend like I'm not listening and say that it's one of my random pet peeves. But it depends from one person to another.


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