Jatico Extreme Adventure Park and Macahambus Cave

High school days are definitely some of the best memories that a person can have. Perhaps, this goes to most of the people who share the same brand of education as we do. It has been a tradition for our batch to have mini-reunions every time we have some breaks from classes and work. Friendship has always been awesome at the time and spending moments with each other is part of that investment to it. 

This time, we did some kind of traveling. It was three consecutive days of being together but everything has been worth it. In the first day, we went to the 'Little America of the Philippines' which is the Barangay Philips of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. I wasn't able to take so many photos around the area since I'm already acquainted with the place. 

Our first destination was the Jatico Adventure Park. This is kind of far from the city. Indeed, it's a couple of kilometers away from  the Lumbia airport and it would be best to have a private vehicle in getting to the place. You can also take the PUV going to Talakag at Carmen Market but you have to make sure that you're done by 3 pm since it's the time for the last trip from Talakag to CDO. In our case, we took a taxi from SM CdeO to Jatico, which is expensive and is advisable only as a last resort.

You can see breath-taking mountain views upon arrival at Jatico Extreme Adventure Park. And just for disclaimer, it's not a resort, but an adventure park. It has a butterfly garden, playhouse, aviary and huts for relaxation. Certainly, the place is ideal to unwind from work stress and breathe some fresh air. 

And of course, giving justice to why it's called an extreme adventure park, Jatico is home to many adrenaline-gushing activities that will really entice many adventure-seekers. The 5-course zipline, Big Swing, Bungee Jump,Zorb and Spelunking are the things that you can try in the area. Airsoft played at the wide campground is also an addition to the many options that is laid for the visitors in the place. Jatico Park is also ideal for team-building activities. Their website gives you a full detail of the rates including the night-stays for different group numbers and packages.

Then we went to Macahambus Cave. This is the site of the Battle of Macahambus last June 4, 1990 which was one of the few battles won by the Filipinos in the Philippine-American War. About 200 meters away from this site is a 130-foot circular doline called Macahambus Gorge.

 It's really dark inside the cave that is home to many bats, that's why you need to rent a flashlight from the caretakers and that costs P20.00 each. Inside, you can see the amazing rock formations and stalactites forming in the area. Just a short review from Earth Science though, stalactites are those formations that hand from the ceilings while stalagmites are those that emerge from the ground. There are also some parts in the cave where you have to pass through a narrow hole so you really have to watch out for your moves. 

And on the other end of the cave tunnel, there is a veranda/viewing deck wherein you will can see the Cagayan de Oro river. You will also be able to see some rafters paddling since this is the site of the popular Cagayan de Oro White Water Rafting Adventure. 

Tips for Travelers:

1) Secure flashlights.

2) Wear trekking footwear.
3) Bring spare money for unprecedented transportation emergencies. 
4) Plan your trip well (most especially to Jatico). The place is not really for random trips since services are best availed thru packages. 

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