Exploring Iligan's Finest Waterfalls

'The City of Majestic Waterfalls' might just sound like a cliche to people who ask what Iligan is known for. Yet for the people who travel with these cascades, explore the beauty that lies within, walk with the locales to find the august crystals, dive in the basin blues among all other things - every waterfall brings a unique and sound experience that is really unforgettable. 23 stunning waterfalls, natural enticements to travelers and wanderers, comprise the popular tagline being labeled to Iligan City. 

Of course, topping our feature is the Tinago Falls. Aside from the fact that this falls is not that profiled, I find it particularly interesting that Tinago has now grown to become one of the top picks of travelers in Iligan City. Just by the name 'Tinago' which means hidden, the waterfalls can be found at the heart of a tropical forest between Linamon and Buruun. You have to take about 400 steps downstairs in order for you to reach the falls, so you better prepare some water bottles to keep up with the demands of the steps. I can remember very well that the first time I went there, my knees are badly jittering as I finally got in the foot of the falls. 

And as soon as you get into the basin of the waterfalls, you can now do a lot of things. You can ride the bamboo raft if you want to get nearer to the falls. It is very advisable for you to use the life vest during swimming. Even professional swimmers use the suit for greater safety. In Tinago, there are hidden caves that don't seem to be very obvious. You need to ask some local swimmers who assist people there in the swimming area to take you the caves. It's going to be a bit difficult to get to the 2 caves, since you have to ride the raft, and then swim against the very strong rapids and climb to the cliff. There then, you can reach one small cave which is just good for 4 people conversing. The other one is bigger and can cater to about 10 people. Well, after witnessing the cave, the best (if not the only) exit is to dive from the cliff. There's no other way exit, but it's gonna be worth it. 

Mimbalot Falls is one of the popular ones in the Toursim Triangle Area and is located about 11 km away from the heart of the city. Right now, it is situated in Iligan Paradise Resort. Even though the surroundings don't seem to be so natural since it was improved for the resort, Mimbalot Falls itself is not man-made. And when you get there, you can witness the glamorous falls that will stun you with its grandiose look. The place is ideal for afternoon picnics but you can also have swimming spree with your loved ones.
Dodiongan Falls is so beautiful!  

I tell you, the falls means a lot because it's something that you can easily find attachment with. What I mean is, after a quite long trek, the beauty of the falls is really enough to make the walk worth it. It may be not that accessible, but the best thing to do is to just enjoy the scenery as you go towards the falls. Be prepared to cross the river, climb big rocks, hang in poles or stumble in stones. It is located in Barangay Bonbonon, which is 14 kilometers away from the city, so you really need to have a private vehicle to get there. But if you're travelling alone, renting a motorcycle ride is just good enough. Don't forget to plunge in the crystal basin and you'll enjoy it definitely. 

In the Waterfalling Adventure that we had, we were able to visit many waterfalls of Iligan City. At the leftmost side of the collage, you can see the Maria Cristina Falls. But in the picture, you can just see Maria since the flow was limited that day. For the knowledge of everyone, the hydro-electric power that is being generated from the falls actually makes the area one of the biggest energy supply in the whole Mindanao region. 

Pampam Falls is kinda far, to tell you honestly. It's 13 km away from the city, plus another 20 minutes trek. And you need to get an accompanying locale so that you won't get lost in the area. But the good thing is that there are two falls in one rolling. Kalubihon Falls is just nearby so it must be worth it. You can do a lot of things there, that's why locales as well find it a very soothing place for relaxation. In Pampam Falls, you can just do diving as long as you want. Don't worry if you don't know how to swim. It's really not a deep basin. It's just like a swimming pool. In the Kalubihon Falls, you need to enter a cave before you can see the actual falls. And I wasn't able to take a pic of it since my camera might get wet. But some of my friends have the waterproof one so you better secure something of the sort in going to Kalubihon. 

You can do all these fun things too! Here are some of the tips that might be able to help you in planning your waterfalling travels! They're kinda personal but this might be of help. And definitely, you can create your own very soon. 


1) Always bring band-aid. 
 I always wanted to take risk and even in adventures, I don't think you'd get to enjoy the fullest if you just play it safe. For this adventure though, I slipped through mossy surfaces a lot and I've got many bruises. But it's all worth it and I've got it prepared at hand. 

2) Secure extra camera batteries and memory cards. 
This is something I  always wanna remind myself of when I travel. One thing I've learned from my photography professor in US is that we have to take as many shots as possible. And then choose the best from a wide array of selection. Sadly though, I wasn't able to concentrate on it in this trip because I'm also organizing the Kasadya and this happened at exactly the same date. 

3. Talk to the locales. 
I think what sets an experience apart from the rest is when we explore what's beyond the obvious. And the best people who know what real experience is in a certain place are those people who live with it - and those are the locales. So, walk with them and ask them what more can you find in the area. This is what we did when we never knew that there are hidden caves in Tinago, or the water source of Kalubihon Falls which also happened to be a perfect diving spot for me (because I'm small). 

Otherwise, plan ahead and see you sometime here in Iligan City! Muchas gracias!


  1. additional item for adventures that involve water (and still convenient for those that don't): a trusty dry bag! :)

    1. Yeah, I forgot to add it. It's one of the musts to bring. I was thinking about it when I started writing about Kalubihon Falls since I wasn't able to bring my camera thinking I might drop it in the cave. It just slipped out of my mind. But thanks for that!

  2. nice article Gab B.! :) Ill see you soon!

  3. Love the article Gab. as usual :) more adventures and trips for us!

    1. Thank you Ate Kathleen :) Yes, definitely. We'll have more trips and adventures. Blogfest and kapehan. haha

  4. May cave pala sa Tinago? Sana tinuro mo samin!? :)

    1. Yes Kuya Christian. Mga apat ang napuntahan ko pero yung hidden dalawa. And struggle pagpunta. Sayang nga eh, kasi wala namang locales dun nung pumunta tayo. Pero pagbalik mo siguro. haha. (that leaves it with something to look forward to)

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