Waterfalling Adventure at the City of Majestic Waterfalls

It's a very exciting Diyandi Festival with all the colors of different festivities up 'till this date. But there's yet more to come most especially as the momentum paces upscale towards the culmination of the month-long Iligan pride Diyandi.

The KASADYA Streetdancing and Merry-Making Festival, one of the major highlights of the celebration, will take its share of the limelight on the 27th at Buhanginan Hills. That's 3 days to go to witness the longest running cultural event of Northern Mindanao.

The upcoming Miss Iligan Coronation Night, Motorcycle Circuit Racing Competition, PAGANA Food and Drink Festival, Tartanilla Painting Contest, Komedya de San Miguel and many more are going to fill all the thrills and excitements of the Iliganons for the last 10 days of the grand festival.

Yet as for me, after joining and becoming one of the winners of the Iligan Blogging Contest, I am going to attend the Waterfalling Adventure Tour 1.0 tomorrow, September 25 until September 29.  Actually, one of the goals of the event is to showcase what Iligan City is best known for - The City of Majestic Waterfalls. I'm lucky to be one of the 15 travel bloggers all over the Philippines selected to join the event which will last for 5 days and 4 nights. 

I am looking forward to all the activities that we're going to do. I think this is going to be the first time that I'm going to witness the other waterfalls that Iligan has to offer. I've been to Tinago Falls and Maria Christina more than three times but I haven't been to Dodiongan, Mimbalot, Pampam and Kalubihon Falls, all of which being included in the itinerary. We're also going to explore the best food hubs and restaurants, other tourist spots like Iligan Paradise Resorts and NPC Nature Park. And on top of that, we will dance to the beat of KASADYA and witness Iligan Beauties in the Coronation Night.

There's so much to explore in Iligan City. I mean, I've been here for about 5 years now and every year has its own story to tell. This city amazes me with its people, born of different cultures. It's truly a melting pot of different values, beliefs and dissents. But beyond that, I think the beauty of its nature and the way it elicits attraction on its affinity towards preservation is what's really heart-warming after all. 


  1. See you Kathleen! Yes, ugma na jud. It's gonna be an amazing week with bloggers. I wanna more about how you guys are prepping for it in FB.

  2. I agree with you Gabriel, there is so much " More to Explore " in and around Iligan City that one visit may not be enough. I have been there 5 times and always look forward to returning.

    There are always things that are new

    Things to look forward to

    Iligan City

    Simply amazing !


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