ASENSO ILIGANON: A Leap of Faith to Development


Words of conviction, passionate will and invigorating remarks for a selfless development that is truly an Iliganon pride. 

For a lot of Iliganons, the phrase is not new. We see it in posters, hear it in radios, see it in different graphics and encounter it in social networking sites. Indeed, because it comes so naturally vibrant in different angles, a lot of people single out a question that has not been fully answered yet.

 What exactly is ASENSO ILIGANON?

In the light of promoting Iligan with its boundless economic and tourism potentials, ASENSO ILIGANON aims to strengthen these potentials for a better Iligan. And it starts with improving the business climate of the fortress city of Mindanao. Alongside the goal to revitalize the trade and commerce of the city, the movement’s primary goal is to bolster the image of Iligan as the New Investment Destination of Mindanao.

Going deeper to the concept of being an Iliganon, an Iliganon represents the values of the tri-people that reside in Iligan City. In a land of Christians, Muslims and Higaonons, an Iliganon is a delegate of developmental virtues of pro-active, vibrant and progressively involved residents of the City of Majestic Waterfalls. A true Iliganon is a symbol of resiliency, one who fights for a unified cause and will never give up in the challenges and different endeavours that may come across.
One of the city’s strategies is to perk up economic activities that increase the sales of products and services of local stakeholders in the conduct of business activities and festivities.  These local stakeholders, vying their roles to spur economic development in the city, will also increase the confidence level of the investors to the Local Government of Iligan City.

Moreover, the city government is very supportive with joint ventures and cooperative agreements regarding livelihood projects and capability-building to develop enterprises that are designed to improve productivity and income as well as the economic and social well-being of the people. 

Year 2011, it was an October fully-loaded with different activities that thrilled up to the enthusiasm and passion of the young entrepreneurs who comprise the vibrant Iligan Business community. The BPO– IT Solutions Exhibit, the Red Tag Sale, BIMP-EAGA Investment Conference, Business Forum, Iligan Business Night, Business Networking Event for Young Entrepreneurs and Learning Series – these are just some of the major highlights of the grand Iligan Business Month which gave a boost to all the businessmen and young business enthusiasts of the city – a perfect opportunity indeed for learning, enjoyment, networking and passionate entrepreneurship.

This year, the fun isn’t over after the city fiesta celebration. It’s going to be a very exciting October for all the Iliganons. With the move to forward by ASENSO ILIGANON movement, for sure it’s going to be a very exciting month not just for people who are already engaged in the business but also for those who are working small-scale and wanted to level up. Trade, fairs, trainings, exhibits, international and national conventions are going to flood the busy month of October for Iligan this year.

The creation of activities like the annual Iligan Business Night provided a perfect avenue for discourse on improving business in the city by some of the prime businessmen and entrepreneurs.

At the same time, we also have activities that is goaled towards uplifting small-scale businesses in the city and that is thru the Iligan Weekend Night Market.

Specifically the project aims to provide opportunities for Iligan micro-entrepreneurs to showcase their own craft, goods, foodstuffs, products and services and is designed to be part of the confidence building measures of the city in line with the maintenance of peace and order. It is also to empower Iliganon entrepreneurs themselves to sell fruits, ukay-ukay, food delicacies, and other locally produced products. This weekly event is graced by local performers and bands who will entertain the people.

One of the dynamic men behind these efforts is Councilor Frederick Siao, the main author of the resolution dubbing October as the ASENSO ILIGANON month. In collaboration with different support groups and non-government organizations, the move forward for a united Iligan is already on the verge of its path.

Asenso Iliganon is centered on the people themselves who will champion the promotion and marketing of Iligan City. It is the people themselves who will make a stand and say “We can make it! We can do it! We will make Iligan as the new business destination of Mindanao!

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