Some Weird Stuff Along

"Dili sa ta mutabok bay kay dako kayong sakyanan" (Let's just not cross the street yet because the vehicle that's about to pass is so big.)

I find it particularly weird when people say things like this. 'Cause it's not like if the vehicle is any smaller, it will not cross you over. Sasagasaan ka pa rin n'yan kahit na maliit yan. And I've rant about this many times, still I hear it a lot. Why would people associate the size of a vehicle to the propensity of getting hit? There are certain rewards to lameness that are afforded by right merits. If it's a car compared to a truck, there isn't even a difference on whether what causes you to bleed more or not. You will still bleed regardless. But if the car has a greater speed, it's likelier to make the throw projectile in path than linear. Hello, not the size.

I have this debate friend of mine, her name is Rei and she's working at the Palace. She went home in Iligan for her brother's wedding and take it as a rule that if ever she comes home, we should all be drunk. And she was talking about how we should not sleep, you know. And as debaters, we should be able to argue why. 

And I just remember what Ate Dani told me saying, "You'll get so much sleep after life, why do we have to prioritize sleeping anyway? Let's get ourselves some booze and not sleep after all. " And yes, she was right in saying that you know, you get unlimited sleep after life. But then Emiko told me "Yes, you get unli sleep after life, but if you don't sleep now, you make that unli-sleep more accessible. " 

And as I was weighing both sides, looking at the perspective of what you can possibly do or should have done now (i.e. you have deadlines to meet, other things with short-term tangible  importance), sleep is a later priority because there's a imminent measurable harm there and that is getting fired/flanked in a subject. As compared to the argument of dying soon if you don't sleep now, that's an uncertain and distant harm because things are still under control and you can take changes in your lifestyle at a sooner date. 

And so back to Rei, I remember I asked her a few years ago about this and she told me, verbatim, straight to the eye, with all the facial expression - "SLEEPING...IS FOR THE WEAK!". And I took a big saliva intake after she said that. Now, she came back and we're set to meet in a coffee shop in a later time because I still have a meeting for Silahis and then I saw her in the College of Arts and she was waiting for Ayana. And when we finally saw each other, we were hugging and saying "Hey, how are you?" And to cut the long story short, since it will still end up on the sleeping story. 

I asked her, " So, do you wanna take a short nap?" And then she said "Oh my god, that's so MAINSTREAM...sleeping?" And I was "ooooohhhhh...." 

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