Revisiting Cebu and Its Scenic Wonders

They said that sometimes, the only mode of transportation is a leap of faith. And I agree. Because for a lot of times, for anything that you're going to do, you can never be sure of what lies ahead. Sometimes, you choose to take an unpopular path and you will feel alone with your endeavor. You will reach the brink of questioning why you're doing such things and it will just make you feel hopeless. On those very same instances, you hold on to your foundations, the will that push you to continue what you're doing.

Last week. August 21-24, we went to Cebu City for our Plant Tour. The Accountancy 5th year students also went to Cebu for their tour, and we encountered them in some of our travels, also travelling with the same ship. I really enjoyed this trip. I was able to go to places that I haven't been into for the 2 months stay that I had in the city last summer.

The guy in blue (not me) in the leftmost side of the picture above is our Tour Guide. And it's just crazy. He made this tour really fun for all of us. Gaaaad. He's a stand-up comedian and entertainer before and we were all entertained by all his jokes. He can think of any joke instantly from a situation. He's one of the best tour guides I've ever met.

I think what differs this travel from the rest of the travels that I had is that I got to to travel with my classmates. And it's cool because it feels like being in a company of people who are in the same footing exploring a place together. Well, it's not the first time that our batch traveled this year. They actually went somewhere in Cagayan and MisOr that exact day when I was in Singapore. I used to travel alone before and it usually comes out like after these travels, I got to share my story usually in my majors class. And I'm just really happy that they see the fun attached with traveling now. And it also feels good knowing that my classmates still are very supportive with what I do and we have so much more to do together for the last year.

Cebu is really a good place to visit. It's also a good place to stay. I haven't heard of any serious disaster hitting Cebu aside from cases of fires which are not exclusive to the city. There's something in the Queen City of the South that will make you feel like, you want to settle there someday. I'm keeping high hopes to visit the city again in a year or less.

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