Procrastination (Is it a First Choice, Or A Last Resort?)
As what I've said, all of us can just get unlimited sleep after life, plus the bonus of not having the consciousness to know you're already getting it. My life is a semi-closed book. I don't wanna get people into my private life, as much as I respect other people's privacy as well. But this blog, I'm not thinking anymore of what other people are gonna say. This is my page and my thoughts and opinions are born out of my own beliefs and convictions. Procrastination is definitely difficult to get away. Humans have natural tendencies towards it. 

Big Things (The Way You Handle It!)
At the peak of it all, there are things that you know are coming, but you really haven't geared yourself for the storm. Yes, there's a storm and it's sad how things went on these past days. I just got a good news. But I know after good news come, bad news show up. So I don't wanna get much into the successes, 'cause the downside kinda got me "dragged" 6 feet underground. 

Well I guess, I should be able to prioritize. It never sunk in my rationality just yet what our Dean has told me just a few hours ago. She told me that one has to give in, of all the many things that I juggle in one rolling. I'm not complaining about what I do. But I only wish I could do more to be better off for all these things. 

.350 Commitment.
Recently, I got my confirmation to pledge for the 350.org movement. And I really like the advocacy. Hopefully, I'll be able to pursue my plan of integrating journalism in environmental efforts. With an effective communication arm, it's easier to get mileage in the advocacy that we've been fighting for. 

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