Proposal for Curriculum Revision

As a student, I have lots of complaints about how the curriculum works in college. I'm not sure if it makes enough sense but I just do have some things that I do believe on to at least improve the current system that we have now.

  • Placement of Core Curriculum                                                                                                                  
 I think the best placement for the core curriculum is 1st year and 5th year of college, technically not the 1st 2 years. If the reason why subjects that are grounded on humanities is placed on the first 2 years in college is because the school wanted to prepare the students further before they take the major subjects, why don't they just place double standards on the last 2 years in high school? Why don't they just make 2 separate high school systems - the junior high school and the senior high school, which is the same case in Japan? Or why can't they make a pre-college learning like the Li Po Chun accreditation system, if they don't believe in the high school system just enough? The fact is that, if you assume that the reason why you wish those basic subjects coming back is for people to freshen up what they've learned before college, why does it have to be 2 years? And if you really want it to be effective, why can't you just place it in the 5th year as well? Putting it that way, the real goal of students really grasping what the school wanted to be instilled to them will be nearer to reality. I think it's likelier to believe that graduating students are fed up with majors and the difficulties which they would have to incur in their last year in college. 

  • Putting Subjects Which Require High Levels of Analysis in the 7:30 schedule
It's not really high level. I'm just plainly exaggerating. I know I complain a lot, and I just got the consequence of it. I think subjects like ES 85 should never be put in 7:30 schedule. First of all, I think it's unreasonable for teachers to expect the students to be actively engaged in class. Hello! We're all from hours of sleep and it needs a bit of adjustment from that moment. I can attend the class but I can't have breakfast because it's too early.But actually, I've just attended about 5 meetings for the entire semester. It would be fine if it is a subject that requires lesser analysis. But that's just crazy. And we're 60 in total in that class. And the teacher comes late, each and every time. Therefore my resolution to that is, place the ES 85 class by 9 am to 12. With that, you can expect active participation and more engagement in the thinking of the students. And this goes to all subjects. Don't put boring subjects in 3-4 pm. I'm just gonna sleep like what I do for Chem 45. They should have an assessment of the schedules for them to function well, if the purpose is to really teach the students and not just gain for petty actions temporally taken for compliance.

  • Linear Teaching Strategy and Tolerance for Misbehavior                                                                                                                
I hate it when teachers are being complacent about not disciplining the students. There are a lot of students right there talking at the back but the teacher is not doing anything about it. Teachers should be disciplinarians in the classroom. How will I even respect their teaching if they can't gain my respect either way because they're tolerating those messed up behaviors? And on the teaching strategy, I hope they can think of better ways to put up lessons. Powerpoint presentations are ideal but we don't even have that in our majors class. What we have is plain board, with someone monopolizing the discussion all throughout. How will you make the subject more interesting? I guess that's what teachers are supposed to get paid for. You can do video integration for more actual imagination deviant from theoretical assumptions. You can have simulations for example, like getting group requirement of valves and differentiating their functionality. You can have quiz shows, on-plant immersions (I don't think they're expensive, it just needs effective coordination) and lesser exams. You can have interviews to electricians, to plumbers or just even a simple activity of knowing the power requirement of the water pumps in every college in the university. All these things are things that you can do to maximize the achievement of your goals.

  • One-time OJT
Some schools have one for the junior summer and one for the senior summer. I think it's better off that way because firstly, students won't be stressed out during the summer because they won't have to take OTs just to fill the 320 hours. They only have 160 and I think that makes sense. Secondly, you can spare time with your family for bonding and you can also go to beaches during weekends.Well they say, a lot of relationships are gonna end this summer? Why? Because a lot of people are going to the bitches (*I mean beaches!).

  • Poor Promotion of Youth Programs
I personally believe that youth programs must be well promoted because they shape potentials in different levels. It's not about retarding focus because students must be geared with capabilities on multi-tasking. the way we perceive studentship is the context of seeing a student in the context of being in a classroom or school setting alone. I think this mentality must be removed and students should be encouraged to go out of their comfort zones. 

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