Movie Review:The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie is probably one of the best for those I've seen lately. I'm an avid movie-goer and whenever a friend invites me to watch a movie together, I just can't have the nerves to say "No!" For the previous months, I have seen a lot of movies which range from love stories, horror and down to those thrilling ones themed of chase and revenge and some stories of romantic-comedies. But this one is just different. Actually, I've watched this in our pad with my friends and I think it's too defined in abstract as we see it's clear deviance from reality. First off, it's difficult to believe that such case truly exist in real life, but I'm not going to give a shit about it. The fact is that, movies can just draw to us a perfect way of how love stories are formed. You can witness realities of Benjamin giving up his fatherhood, because he knows he can't be a father for his child. if you look at the abstraction behind it, you wouldn't mind taking at the minute details that it incorporates. what it brings after is a generalized message that love can come in so many forms. And this love story is just one of the millions who also have a share to get inspiration from; of struggles and unified standing from the scrapes.

Love should never be bounded by age. In the movie, you witness a reversal of a lifetime between two lovers. But looking at it, the happiest moments of the two is that very moment when they know they can be at best and perfect for each other. And they savored that moment of a lifetime.They never missed the chance to give a shot in defining what love is on that point. Just by that, they built a strong foundation to where the struggles that are coming will rack on the suave.

The bottom line is, nothing in this world will really last. But the emotions that we feel are way beyond what this world can define - and that's something we can bring beyond those material things that ends in a lifetime.

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