Casa Verde Restaurant's Big Bang and Milky Way

These are the servings in Casa Verde in Ayala Mall, Cebu and the food is really awesome. I think what sets this restaurant from the others that I've been into is its uniqueness with the food that it offers. When you go to Casa (the shorter pseudonym that people usually use to refer to the place), you can see that people are really falling in line just to get a seat or reservation inside. At peak hours, there are just so many people who take the effort just to savor the sweetness of life inside.

Upon getting inside, you can see the American-inspired interior with all the displays and sports paraphernalia. It's kinda vintage in type with all the waiters in American costumes. The place is very popular most especially to food lovers. The Baby Back Ribs is always a top pick for Cebuanos and tourists as it really entrenches satiety that you've never felt before. The shakes are very overwhelming too. The Milky Way (not in the picture) is a big chocolate shake that entices people to come back during chill afternoon hours. That big burger right there is called Big Bang and it's loaded with meat and vegetables. The thing is we're not able to eat it since we're already very full with the chicken as well as the baby back ribs.

The awesome people who are with me in the picture are Cole (left in yellow), Pepay (my left) and Jesus (my right), my high school buddies. Pepay and Cole studies in Cebu while Jesus (Goigoi) is on a family vacation in the island. And I am  on my internship days.  

Now the second time I went there was when I had a chill night with Ara and Philip, my debate friends. Philip used to work in Cebu as a teacher and Ara is studying law in San Carlos. We tried other dishes too and they taste awesome. And you can see in our smiles how we loved the place a lot. Most of the pictures were taken when we were still waiting for a vacant table. 

Of course, I went here for the third time and the shots are still in my phone. That time, I was with a friend from Mactan Rock. So for all the food lovers out there, Casa Verde will never fail you. 

You can visit Casa's website here: http://www.casaverdecebu.com/

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