5 Tips: How to Write Essay for 15 minutes

How to Write an Essay for 15 minutes?

I think the question goes to a lot of people most especially that essays are also some of the most basic requirements in passing subjects that relate to Humanities. So if you're geared enough with the right skills in this plight, then it would be very easy for you to go through assignments and quizzes with lesser effort. 

5 Simple Tips that I Follow: (And you can too!)

1) Know the subject very well. 

It would really help to have a clear subject once you write something. With that, you won't be lost somewhere. Most especially if you are writing under pressure, the best thing to write an essay is to have that good grasp of what you're writing about. With that, you won't have to spare so much time trying to think of what to write because you already are writing in a clear baseline topic.

2) Maintain a common direction. 

This is quite a continuation of the first one, but this is more under consistency of the subject line. With this, I mean that there are limitations in the blog posts that you're going to make. You can't talk about politics if you're goal is to entice people to enter fashion industry, right? It can go as a simple logic. But on the other end of it, you also have people that go overboard in discussing non-essential things. So the top is to keep under the track.

3) Always be simple and direct to the point. 

I don't have so much leverage in talking about this. I always try to be as simple as I can be. But I think through the years, different word constructions have affected as well the way I construct my words and sentences. But I would always love to simple. It's all about getting the attention of the readers and having them understand you as much as possible. How you convey that information to the readers is what really matters after all. 

4) Explore different angles but make enough sense. 

I think it's strategic as well to play with the different dynamics of a certain topic, like going to one end, strategically going deeper on the main issue, and putting lights on another bend of the topic. This is all about making other angles in a single topic of interest. When you talk about family values for example, you can explore the social dynamics and the political atmosphere as a variable to the interplay of these internal values that form the basic societal point.

5)Be realistic and make life in your article.

Be true in your article. I particularly don't like reading articles that are airy-fairy, like the 'cosmos and the sinisters' kind of writing. These things are very extra-terrestrial and a lot of readers can't relate to them. Essays must reflect some real stories in them. So it would be better if you incorporate some words of different stories out there that makes the article more grounded in a certain way. That is an example of making life out of the words that you try to insinuate in your writing.

Here is an example of the essay I have just written for 15 minutes!

If given the opportunity, how can you significantly change the Philippines?

The only opportunity I can see to be able to effectively insinuate changes in the Philippines is to become a top official in the government. This is because governance is essentially the precondition towards getting into the orientation of people. The way the leaders govern us affect our culture, our perceptions and perspectives about things, which is kind of dragging and places us in a very disadvantaged position for a long time now.

Bureaucracy, for example, is a problem. If I become the president, I would really cut off the existing bureaucracy in different offices. Why is it that just by lobbying for a small change, it could even hardly get to the person with whom we intend to address the change to begin with? It was like getting tens of signatures before you can start at the bottom of the ladder. I can agree that a certain level of bureaucracy is necessary for proper check and balancing. But it happens that we get to pay out a lot of employees when the job can be done by a single person alone. If we cut a parcel of the wide film, we can surely save money, and we can also maximize the way we want people to perform in their job, because the current system breeds complacency – a direct counter pull to productivity.

Second thing is all about allocation of funds. We get to empower wrong things in the doing. And we seem to look at the chain and not do anything about it. Like the reason why we’re getting a lot of graduates who don’t have a job is because there’s a poor investment for empowerment of micro-scale industries, and we let the corporate chain swallow the world of economy with up-scale standards that just don’t fit to graduates of state universities. This is something I want to address that’s why I want to make sure that investment portfolios are properly intended for the supposed beneficiaries. Scholarships must be improved and given to well-deserving students.  Trainings should be done with more actual engagements in universities like monitored On-the-Job trainings to make sure that the training is done under the jurisdiction of the course taken. And also, I want to do some curriculum integration of more humanities in courses which leans to becoming obsessively investigational like Engineering.  If possible, I want to add Engineering Teaching as a separate course because there are a lot of engineers who can have Masters, who can top the board. But the sad reality is we get rarely good engineering teachers, even if they've already practiced in the field because they never studied teaching, but they studied engineering. That’s a marginal gap that was being looked out.

If you look at the dynamics of individuals on the ground, the only situation with which I can see that change will dramatically be realized is when we see empowerment to individuals who really deserve to be labelled for their exclusivity. Choices of people must be empowered because a lot of intellectuals are disempowered simply because they don’t have money to enable a relief from their current situation. I also would like to address the empowerment of communities and that’s thru giving a separate fund where livelihood projects can now get funding from the state.

All these things can be reaped slowly when we learn to take the steps one at a time. We get them all working with proper training and preparation strategies, and that’s by an effective education. If you get this facet, it’s easier to address changes in other sectors like environment, trade and industries, economy and others because you get an effective knowledge production where discourse is possible.  And that is the key to development.

Thank you for reading!

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