Earth Hour : The Unified Cause

I believe in Earth Hour!

Just by the single chance in the most diminutive ways to help, our role in this world will always be a standing commitment. A lot of reasons can spell participation as never countable by means of taking forward, upfront the existing majority block who will do the cause. I, as a student, can easily complain about abstraction of message that we get from turning off the lights for an hour. What brand of mileage will my participation really bring in the plight of energy saving and advocacy mobilization?

Going beyond that, I believe that Earth Hour means a lot, more than just turning off what is on and sitting by, propping clocks to wait for justice that the 9th hand in the clock would finally tick.15 minutes from this writing, my city will take part in one of the greatest unified cause in the world involving 18 billion people. 

Talk to your loved ones. Spare the time like how it was before the lights overshadowed the values of family ties and spending quality time beyond what technology can actually bring. Go out and do stargazing with friends, right there under the moonlight 'till you finally realize that stars are more beautiful than the virtual gaze of skyscrapers and the abstract maze to dazzles in film.

After all, you're able to  help in the community. Philippines alone was able to save 611 MW last year, which is equivalent to being able to shut down about a dozen coal-fired plants. This is an advocacy that we can have a fair share with. With the glory enjoined with the cause, your means in taking the steps greatly forges your lifetime commitment to be a part of a sound environment. 


video courtesy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FovYv8vf5_E)

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