Time So Fast

Hey Blog, 

I think it's not the right time to write, but I don't even know what exactly is the right time. Time is so fast that I don't even have a clue if I'm still in the right pace. Things have been badly changing, from the place where I live to the people that I'm always with. At the midst of all those busy schedules (mind you, I have three articles to pass by 9 pm and three websites to make, atop from all the academic requirements due tomorrow), I just wanna stop for a moment and write to you. 

Yes, you. For the past days, I've been extremely happy and my classmates are highly responsible for that, as well as my housemates. It kinda amazes me that even if it sounds plain and dissenting that I have norms that I subscribe to which are not really mainstream, they're still there to listen. 

The first realization that I shared to them is that "We, in and of ourselves, can only be as strong as our fears, doubts and insecurities". To go through this, we all know that we have things that we usually restrain ourselves from facing because we don't wanna subject ourselves to things like humiliation, right? We find strength from other people who built themselves with confidence to overcome their own self-inflicted doubts and became victorious in the end. But I think even those individuals also have their own fears, so it's not really mutually exclusive. The disparity falls on the building of the potentials to possibly overcome the barrier. 

This is a realization I had after the constant pushing for me to run as the President of the Student Council. One party wanted to get me as the standard-bearer and the other as the vice. But I constantly decline the offers. They still didn't back-off. Now it dawned on me that my fears, self-insecurities and doubts to my capacity are the constraints to possibly lead the whole IIT community. I think it's not about the name, neither the leverage that it props in you when you're in position. When you're up there, you get to be the best in the service you initially promised 'cause you've got a lot of critics at hand. 

The second realization that I have is on the evolution of maturity platforms. Of course, this is a thing that I usually pronounce to my classmates recently. the deal about it is that when we were young, we come up with a lot of ambitions for ourselves. For example, we wanted to be engineers, photographers or a public servants. At a later date, we realize that we actually want another thing, and that can be becoming a celebrity, doctor or a web developer. For all these things, we always come to argue that we're doing these things because we wanted to pursue our happiness, right? But as we grow older, and we become more mature, the level of contentment that we have also relaxes.From the very big ambitions that we have, we can only come up with things that are possible in the leap of the eye. What that means is, the dimension of how we look at things becomes narrower and we settle to appreciate the things that we have when we're already mature enough. And that's the reason why at a later part of life, we just tend to subscribe to the mainstream standard. And with that it means, you have people marrying and be contented with bearing children and have an ideal family and a decent job. Technically, that's not just something that you initially dreamed of for yourself. You once thought you can be someone big in the industry someday. 

The last realization that I have is all about love. I still believe that love is the reason why we're bound to exist in this world 'cause that's just what we've been looking for. As much as we hold on the idea that no man is an island, we exist to find love, and it's not a hopeless place just so you know. We find love in a lot of ways because it can come in a lot of forms as well. You have the love of God being transformed to love of family and friends. And when one find something is lacking from one, that person tends to look for it from other people. We recognize that love exist, that's why we celebrate Love Month for example. This is the chance that we can show our love to our friends and family, even if we don't have romantic relationships 'cause sometimes it also becomes the Single Awareness Month. But I don't think life ends there, because when you love your life, there's a reason to celebrate love. As what I've said, it can come in a lot of forms. Just be true to yourself, and you'll find the one slated for you in time. Never feel like you can be never be good to anyone, because to someone else, you can be everything. You just have to find the right person, and it will come in the right time. 




  1. If it's okay, I'll comment about your introspection here kuya Gab. :) How do you manage to be on top of things? And about love, perhaps, perhaps not. I think however, we live for ourselves. Ultimately. Love, I think, is just a prelude for reaching that ultimate goal of finding happiness for yourself. Because if Love is the ultimate thing in life, wouldn't that mean we will do everything for it? give up everything for it, regardless of whether it's a wrong thing to do so in the context it is in or not? Anyway, good luck in everything you're trying to accomplish. :)

    1. Hi Fleur,I don't know who you are but you know what, I really appreciate people who take time reading my blog. Anyway, I don't think I'm on top of things and I'm continually learning debate, journalism, leadership and other crafts. I really love doing them all and I guess that's the perfect way to answer it. If you have enough drive and passion to do something, you will really find a way to be at par with the game. Love is like, something we can't define. We have different views about it. It's like fitting in the pieces of a puzzle. To some people, maybe love is the motivation. But I would argue that love is still the reason why that person is doing more for his self-goals and ambitions. And with that I mean love for one's self. It's kinda complicated and I love your idea. Wish you best of luck!

    2. This is Floraime Pantaleta. Haha. I forgot I was using Fleur here. :)


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