Best People of My 2011

MIDV will always have a place in my heart even after college. I remember all the best memories shared. The coaches believe in me so much, and I've been very grateful that they're always there for me. Maam Mara, Maam Pyet and Sir Darwin are some of the best people I've known. They accepted me even at my worst and they never turned their back on me. These people will always be my advisers for the rest of my life. And to the debaters, I really love them. I love the fact that we share passion. Sometimes, conflicts arise between us. I particularly like the seniors though I've made close friends with some new people most particularly with Den. Oh yeah, this was the 2nd time when Den had to comfort me for a break-up. And yeah, he's always there, still a close friend to me giving me all the pieces of advice. Ara, Miko, Jay-r, Calvin, Gil - these people are amazing in their own ways. And no matter what happens, MIDV will still be my family. And I will always find my way back home.

In my debate years I've known these two awesome people. They're real friends and indeed, very close to my heart. Jen is like my younger sister and she's always there for me. She has seen me at my best (like winning moments) and at my worst (some emo tears shed). She gives me the perfect pieces of advice and she believes in me. I'm really grateful to have someone like her that I can just call anytime. LT is the one who listens to me all the time. And she has always wanted to make me feel good. Sometimes, she can be frankly honest to me. And when we talk to each other, it's like we don't run out of topics. She wanted me to talk about my experiences because really, she's honest when it comes to her being fed up of certain stories and she wanted me to talk about something else. And she's very vocal about her opinions. These two close friends of mine are amazing, in their own ways.

I'm not that close to my boardmates in my previous boarding house but we had fun together. I think this is the only pic we had together and I really enjoyed their company.

SUSI is like a dream to me. To be in US and meet all these awesome people was one of the best experiences of my year. I had a taste of the American life. I learned more about other cultures. But atop from that, the friendship will be the best part of it. And because of that, I met here two of my bestfriends.

Mark and Mel, are two of  my bestfriends. We share so many things in common. I must say, if only we study in the same place here in Philippines, then maybe we'd rather get stucked with each other the whole time. We love each other's company and we just really help each other out. They completed that experience and they're the best parts of it. I miss them, so much. 

My blockmates will really be a part of my year 'cause we kinda help each other out in a lot of ways. These are people who believe in me and my capability despite the poor attention that I spare for academics. They are willing to pull me up when I'm down and all these things. But of course, I also have bestfriends in this block. 

This is Daneva and definitely, we call each other "Bes", obviously because we're bestfriends. Every time we're together, we always laugh so I don't really know what's with the thing that  makes me laugh about things. Bes shares a lot of things to me and she's there on my worst times. Though I also feel a bit guilty that on times when she needed me, I wasn't really there. I hope I could give more for our friendship. 

Well, people know that Rod is a bestfriend to me. Though we really don't have any pic together, I know that this guy will be treasured for his kindness. I actually don't know how can I even thank him for all the things he did. I was like, really abusing his kindness and is very mean to him. I call him names, I show him that I'm better in a lot of ways, and I always pull pranks on him. But he's always there. He doesn't take grudge against me, well I really hope he didn't. And he believes in me. And I just got that validated with the Palanca (which is a whole bond paper long) that he gave. So that was cool, 'cause you have someone and he's the only one patient enough to take all my emotional  shifts. I mean, yeah, he saw me at my best and at my worst. I cry over the phone and also in coffee shops when I have heartaches. And he never lets me down when it comes to academics, sometimes making me feel like I have a secretary. So all in all, he's a bestfriend to me.

This is my NCALJ family. It's kinda weird because I applied for the program and think that this is just a normal leadership program. When I got there, it was a retreat and so everything just got like, am I really in the right place? But then, there's something to be more thankful of with these people. I was able to reconnect with my faith and shared amazing stories with them. The only constraint is that I'm just sick when the program was going through. But all in all, the experience was great and I have a new family to count on.

This is my Tita Dina. I can never be more thankful for her generosity of love. I love her, and she's beautiful just the way she is. She shares her vision with my mother, and inspires me with her strong will. We actually look forward for her coming because she gave hope to our family and I consider her a part of it.

These are very special people to me and I really love my sisters so much. They give me motivations and they empower me. I think that, they're my greatest inspirations. Just looking at their eyes, they set me the meaning of life and that there's so much to look forward to. I never lose interest of really helping these people out because they were the ones who were always there. I love them so much and I hope that things will really be at best for them.

My high school classmates are the best people that I have for a long time now. We share love stories and if ever we feel broken-hearted, we just feel like mutually supporting each other. That's what I'm having now, the support of all my high school friends. And so, these people will always be treasured. High school is still one of the best chapters of my life knowing these buds that I have. In high school, I had two bestfriends as well.

Gamarka is how we call it. And, I love these people. For now, we know almost everything that's going on with each other's lives. We call it mutual confessions and we're just really very open to each other. I love them  for reasons that I cannot explain. They're both beautiful in their own ways. We see each other every time I go to CDO and it's still the same. No awkwardness attached.

On my left is my mom. I love her for all reasons in this world. I don't wanna explain anymore but I made an essay about her. http://jefmenguin.com/?p=494 Here, you'll find out how I loved her so much.

Okay. Walter is his name and my nephew is one of the best gifts in this world for our family. I love this kid and I want the best for him. Even though he doesn't have a decent dad, we give him everything that he needs. Time will come that he will be looking for his father and I know my sister can well-explain for that, in a decent way.

Despite everything, she's still the biggest part of my 2011. It's time to unfold another chapter of my life. Even though everything has ended already and she now has someone else, I'm here to accept the reality. Her new guy is the cause of our break-up. But all for that, I'm mature enough to know that everything between us is over. Right now, I must not care about the extents of her relationships. That part of me reminding her of things that she should not do is also over. I'm happy that life has so much to offer, and I'm optimistic about it.

At the same time, I don't know how to realign my thoughts. Maybe, in this cycle of life, we just have different perceptions over things. My friends have told me that it was clearly a one-sided love. But if there's one thing that I'm sure of, I never regretted anything. I never regretted the fact that I loved her. And even if she's gonna hate me for reasons that I don't even know, I must not care.

Well, that was it. Last year, we celebrated the Valentines together. And I'm not gonna say anything anymore. I just have to savor the pain, 'cause I know that deep inside, the truth is, she'll be happier with that guy, and not with me. Love is bounded with sacrifices. Sometimes, we need to accept the reality that we choose to deny to ourselves. And even if other people won't appreciate, sometimes, it's just enough to love, and not get anything in return.

I'm on the right track of moving on. That's the only form of self-respect I can give to myself, next to breaking it with her.

So that was my list of the amazing people who took big roles in my 2011. I'm looking forward for another year of mingling with new people, but I welcome those who chose to stay for my 2012. This year will be great. I hope. I badly hope.

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