Random Thoughts

Regardless of how you spare effort to assure that everything will be at peace, there will always be bullshit that's gonna happen. We always come to a point that we just have to clear our name from something that we're not really a part of. But then you only end up with people who single-handedly resorted to narrow conclusions despite all the explanations that you wanted to tell them.

Yes, we can agree that we have a lot of interests. On a lot of cases, we can say that one interest intrude to another interest, which is why there are compromises which enter the scenario. We just don't really know what is the interest of one person to you. Is it all about being able to forward one's interest that's why they come upfront? If it's any true, is it reasonable that we seclude that person or it's just that such person is a reflection of any other person who by such time frame was loosingly discovered of one's fault?

I don't know.  There are just a lot of things in life that we don't understand simply because life is diverse.

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