Love Advice and Leverage

No one will ever really understand how people would deal with their hearts except themselves. Any external advice is just a perspective of one person yet never entrench an engagement into your situation. 

Sometimes, we feel that we're being stupid. We also feel that others are becoming stupid if we think that they're making bad decisions. Who exactly is the best person who has the leverage to tell us what's the right thing to do? Perhaps, following that logic, is there really someone else who can assume that brand of leverage?

People do have a lot of differences. Maybe we find ourselves in similar situation with someone else when it comes to relationships, but differences are defined by emotional investments, loyalty disparities, time engagements , physical intimacy and a lot of factors. Given that, no one else except those people who are involved in the situation will be the best individuals to act on the situation.

Maybe, it's in seeking advice that we find comfort with. We find ourselves a lot more comfortable with acting on the situation if we got to elicit pieces of advice from people. It can also be a coping mechanism so at least to have people empathize on your situation and make it look like you're not alone in the whole atmosphere of hopeless romance and its frustration.

All of us can get stupid when it comes to love. And maybe you're gonna say that it's cheap if you've never been on it. Maybe you're gonna say that not all people will fall under such claim because you haven't been on the situation of losing that person. But when you're just on it's brink, you'll feel that it would just swallow your entirety and you'll realize that you just can't do anything but to give in on it.

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