The Cloud of Unknowing

For a month from now, I've been suffering from all these bad thoughts that came into my mind.This is a lot so hell to me that I just have to stay in a place where all those things happened, the place where those conspiracy to forward their selfish interest came into place.All the bad thoughts I just have to get rid of simply because I need to focus for the competition.I know that this day is just the start of this 4-day endeavor, at least in this place because it doesn't erase everything when I get back to Iligan. In a few hours from now, maybe I'm gonna compete against that person who a bit was the cause of my own emotional demise.You know that feeling of being in a place in which you were so confused whether you knew that place so well or you just don't know that place at all. Just care less, because that's the only thing I can do right now.

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