Starting Life Anew...

This is the time when I have to look at things in long-term.
There's no time for waiting for other people to change.
You need to project yourself based on your future ideals.
Never let anyone steal what you've got for your own fulfillment.
Don't make them laugh at your own demise.
Fate will give them the right vengeance.
Their lack of guilt is a manifestation of their shallow characters.
And thus, they'll find their ways resolved for who they are.
Your destination as a person is destined by your ways to other people.
Your deeds advance your real persona.
Don't hide on other people's faces.
You are who you are, and you alone knew it.
Never allow anyone intrude your pursuit for your goals.
They'll get less based on what they've done to you.
After all, their deeds will all come back to them.
And that will make them badly incomplete.
Think of the people who value you the most.
And treasure those memories with you.
Forget the rest paved by those who don't deserve you.
They aren't worth keeping enough for you to love them back.
Learn to trust that life has a spot for you.
But don't trust other people easily.
Believe that life has secured you a discreet opportunity.
Not anyone is even in rush.
Take it one step at a time.
Learn the lessons your experiences gave you.
Don't throw the good things away.
Keep them with you and extract the good out of it.
Get rid of those bad memories the experience shared.
And that way, you'll be a better person.
Don't think of what the other person would do.
They got you hanging in foolishness before they respected you.
Count on what vengeance means.
But don't act on it.
Let the fate do, and give yourself a leap of ahievement.
For in the end they'll realize.
They just didn't lose you.
They lost the right direction.
Never care about those people that pull you down.
They don't even deserve something for themselves.
How much more judging others already in leverage.
Keep yourself on the right track.

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