Reminiscing the Past MPDC

It's near MPDC and I still can't find myself in the corridors of ADZU very soon, battling it out to defend the debate title. I can't reconcile the fact that I haven't practiced a lot for such a big game to engage into. As far as I could remember, I have only joined three practices for this semester including that one before I went to US. So apparently, I haven't really geared myself enough for such a challenge to take.

I remember how in the past, days before 23rd MPDC, I was asking  Jay-R on what are we gonna do if ever no team from IIT will break. And then we just got silent, because we know that time that it's also possible. But luckily, it didn't turn out that way. We were in the 1st and 2nd in the breaks. Woah! That's just a blast performance for IIT most especially that it's in Asians.

Right now, I do have the same fears again. What if Calvin and I won't break? Nothing really is impossible. It is fresh in my memory that Calvin and Ara didn't break in last year's BP MPDC  even if both of them ended up in the Top Ten Best Speakers.

But still, I really don't find myself going to Zambo either. I know I have a lot of friends there but it's just the first time that I would really want to back-out going to MPDC.  In the past, I'm really excited for competitions but then this time, it's just that I feel going there not for winning, but get humiliated. Haha, fine so sentimentalist. But there's just a reason why I don't wish seeing some people's faces there. I'm gonna go there regardless and just act for the competition simply because it's necessary and I'm doing this for IIT. It's time to subside all the personal issues when it's already for the contest. After all, I'll go there to join the debate, nothing more and nothing less.

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