Life Right There

I love New York and I would always yearn for the time when I would go back in that place.It feels so good that when you're able to set your foot on that place, you'd feel some sense of achievement.I would look forward for that time to be a New Yorker and make a living in the City that Never Sleeps. New York Times Square, the best place I guess in the city, is just a total blast. It feels like heaven to be there.I hope I could spend more time shopping in that concrete jungle with all the awesome lights and popular spots which I used to see only in movies.New York is just everything - the busy streets, people with diverse interests and the skycrapers define how the city prouds itself in reaching the top. It reminds me of myself thinking that mediocrity is just an unacceptable word for me. I will never settle for the less. I will always try my best to be on top. New York  - the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

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