Visiting Michigan

This is taken in Detroit, Michigan facing Windsor, Ontario,Canada. I and my friends were joking to prepare our passports so that we could start swimming to Canada. One thing I've learned about is that Canada and United have very good relations to each other. So even if there are border and security controls, there are parts in which people could freely go cross-country without getting caught. The regulation isn't that tough because Canadians and Americans are very good friends to each other.

This is a pic with the statue of one of the Wright Brothers who flew the first plane.

Right there is a fountain in the interjection of Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. For all you know, the Henry Ford Museum is the greatest American history attraction. It contains different artifacts and in every angle of the museum, you're like travelling in different decades in the past.

This one is taken near the railway of Greenfield Village. We really had fun in this place as well because it's like Enchanted Kingdom back there in the Philippines. But it's really a modified village with food stands,gift shops, rides and people wearing character costumes. I love it.

Mary Ann Cooper and Elexx Freeman are some of the awesome friends we've met in the Greenfield Village. They are the subject of our story (together with Mel).

I just absolutely love this float. The glaring difference that it has is the spoon for the ice cream. McDonalds in Philippines don't place spoon for the float.

And there you'll find some skycrapers of Detroit.

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