Social Media, In and Of Itself

What is social media and what makes it unique from other forms of media?
Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online - Ron Jones
With the coming of the age of social media, the media has been democratized and the world is getting a lot smaller. It brings about relationships and conversations which aren't possible in other forms of media like newspapers and television. The social media gave an opportunity for everyone to have a share in developing a certain piece of story, which makes it able to take all sides of a story. This is quite different in a one-sided media where interaction is very minimal.

Another thing that social media can forward is that it can reach a lot of people in a specified time. With a lesser bureaucracy at hand, we are able to promote causes as efficient as possible. Advocacy groups could get mileage, elicit support without being able to spend for the space. So I must say that social media is a very effective platform of information exchange.

The social media reaches a lot of audiences. It projects an open platform of networks where people can do a lot of things. They can chat, play games, bookmark, advertise and others. You can also meet a lot of people with different interests. People who are of the same interest can find each other given their parallel backgrounds. With the opening of new media, the world has been continually supplemented of multiculturalism.

 Social media embraces passion and identity. Aside from opening up to diverse cultures, you also identify yourself with your own qualities. In social media, you are able to know your limitations more as you recognize your own personality, interests and even strengths and weaknesses. You profile yourself based on who you truly are or what you want others to think of who you are.
Beyond those benefits of community sharing, marginal advantages brought about by social media also exist. But it's highly contextual, and highly depends on how a social media is being utilized. It was said that ever since the institution of the social media, government has become more transparent as check and balances are now existing. Things are likelier to be exposed with the use of social media because there's an open engagement of people. As opposed to newspapers and televisions, wherein information is already filtered based on pubic acceptability.

In general, social media is unique and props advantages not just to the media world but to the society as a whole.And I believe that as generations come by, it will continue to lead us to the greater good if we use it in the right ways.

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