Social Media And Its Integration To Political Strategies

How do candidates and campaign managers integrate social media into their political strategies?

Today, we can see how the social media continually creates an atmosphere of change in the world. The political sphere, undeniably, is one of the institutions that have been responding to the revolution of development. And it is very important to recognize the value of technologies and innovations to improve the way these political structures work.

When you talk about politicians, they are always equated to a popular mileage. You get a platform of support from the people when you have good public relations. And that is the reason why they have to be strategic in deploying political mechanisms to gain a support base. Because every action that they do faces commensurate response from the public.

In the recent elections that we had, we've seen how social media has been used by candidates and campaign managers as a political strategy. As how Jose Vargas quote it in The Washington Post, Barack Obama is the social networking king after having profiles in a lot of social networking sites to reach out to many people.

He's the first candidate to have profiles on BlackPlanet.com and MiGente.com, popular soc-nets in the black and Latino communities, and also on newer soc-nets such as AsianAve.com (for Asian Americans) and GLEE.com ("GLEE" stands for "Gay, Lesbian and Everyone Else"). - Washington Post
This strategy was seen effective as a huge turn-out from the young people voted for Obama,the ones who also comprise the biggest fraction in social networking sites.

Other politicians also use video advertisement campaigns being spread into social media.

This video shows the commercial campaign of the newly elected President of the Philippines Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino. As you can see in the video, his platform was shown by promoting the ideals of the masses. He is catering different interests in the video by showing different people from different walks of life. Through this, political platforms can be shown in an entertaining way that people would more likely attend to. And that is the kind of strategy that has been used by a lot of politicians to forward their ideals in the recent election that we had.

Twitter has been a widely used social media today. Political candidates use twitter because it can reach a lot of mileage and you can update easily. In Twitter, people feel closer to politicians especially when the Twitter page of the politician is interactive to its followers. Through that way, politicians are able to appeal as individuals who listens to all concerns of its people. And this also neutralizes the norm that they are a distant entity from the public.

So in  general, we see how social media has been used as a platform of candidates and campaign managers to reach more people. They see it as an effective tool to forward their advocacies and even gain a good image in the public. When you have good projection to the public, they'll more likely vote for you. When they see you accessible to these media outlets, they'll more likely attend to you over someone they only see in TV. And this is precisely specific with the fact that politicians who gain political seats today have very good public relations.

Social media brings you political leverage. It now depends on how you use it.

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