A Leap of Agenda Through the Social Media

How are governments and agencies using social media to advance their agenda?

Governments and agencies have well adapted to the call of times. Indeed, a lot of government institutions in status quo already integrate social media with the promotion of their agenda. The "Facebook Diplomacy" is a very good example of how the government utilizes this platform to forward its own objectives.

This video below manifests how the Philippine government used the social media to spread this informative campaign video on citizen's participation for a cleaner elections. 

As a direct result of this promotion, the electorate has been vigilant in guarding their votes and participated in the agenda of the government to have a more transparent election.  It's basically calling for vigilantism to anything suspicious or wrongdoing all throughout the elections and reporting them to the authorities with the use of new media. It gained a lot of feedbacks and many cases of electoral fraud were reported and given with due recourse.

Given the different perspectives on how the government can possibly use the social media, the people in return has been very positive to the interaction that this platform provides. Facebook and Twitter have been top social networking sites for the government to tap to reach out to its own people.Government officials have fan pages in Facebook and make updates there. Agencies build advocacy pages wherein people could just sign-up virtually if they wanted to join the cause. They also use Twitter to reach to more people. It's just like a way of catering to different interests of individuals that's why they're widening their horizons.

But just like the Facebook Diplomacy, the government is becoming more strategic in utilizing the social media.  In this instance, they used it to counter terrorism. So apparently, government and agencies have evolved their standards in dealing with their operations, in lieu of the improvement of technology.

And now, social media is integrated into the system and continually leads us towards mobilization and development.

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