I'm now in my homestay with Mr. Dailey and I guess he's really a good guy. He definitely talks a lot. And that is the reason why Jay-r, my Malaysian host bro, and I said that he doesn't really get tired talking. He's a good communicator anyway. But he has an accent.

So how are days going on for me exactly?

Well, I guess finally, the idea of being in United States had finally sunk in my mind after we get ourselves in Indianapolis. I mean, it's really an amazing city and it's very organized. All the structures are really great so it defines what America should be.

Also,that idea was coupled by the fact that we finally stayed with our host dad in an American house. So I guess I finally made the generalization that yes,I'm in US. Well, that just sounds crazy since it's already my 7th day here. But then fine, it's my way of adjusting to the new environment.

I was thinking lately how will I ever be able to do my assignments for the weekend. Maybe, I should try working on it later after the dinner. We're watching Jackie Chan movie right now. John, our host dad is preparing our dinner and we're plainly sitting here in the couch watching the screen.

I gotta start my essay now. See you later Alligators.

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