Ethics and Perspectives

When I was young, I used to ask what more could this life really offer. You grow up, you learn in school, you got to work when you graduate, then you marry, grow old and that’s it. It’s like a time frame of past, present and future that keeps on happening all over again. And when our lives end, we come to ask what difference have we made in this world in our lifetime?

In that moment,I realized that I view life in its temporal aspect. But then I looked at the journey a person undertakes within those years, a look at life on its two ends, and it made me feel it's colorful. It’s full of different stories, from different people with different walks of life.

I believe that life is a puzzle in which we need to fit in each other’s interests. We are born in this world with certain standards that we all have to abide. On a lot of cases, I feel that choices aren’t genuine enough to be real. Choices we take are always contrasted based on cultural norms, parental fit, goal orientation, social acceptability and things like that. So even though there are universally accepted values, this is highly relative based on our situation and how we would project ourselves on that instance.

I have always lived myself independently. I believe that individual freedom is one of the greatest values this world should celebrate. But I can admit that the principles I’m holding on are always based on what I think are for the greater good of the people around me. Beyond that, I personally care about how my environment affects the way I am and how it could possibly constrain me from achieving my goals. I want to inspire a common vision with my immediate community.

Leadership is a key that factors to every system that exists in this world. I believe that everyone, in any moment of his life, has been a leader. And I am really abiding to this value. Because I think that for you to achieve success, you need to be a good leader for yourself and as well as a follower to your own principles. And this idea certainly deduces to the fact that one’s greatest enemy is himself, and that’s why he needs to overcome any personal issues before he can overcome greater issues outside his personal boundaries.

Other values are founded on our objectives. Honesty, for example, is not an absolute principle. It is all about a matter of check and balancing. When we feel that the situation demands a compromise, it now depends on our discretion in lieu with the hierarchy of our interests.

At the end of the day, we realize that our perspectives are subject to different conditions. It is just a matter of how we take it. It is just a matter of holding on to what we believe in.

Freedom to choices, selfless leadership and situational engagement, these are the ethical values that I am living with as a student-leader.

I believe that everything is possible,but only to be taken one step at a time.

The word cloud represents my beliefs well. The words "life", "different", "believe", "values", etc. are in bigger fonts as compared to the others, exactly the way I expected it. This reflects the principles that I am holding on wherever I go. I particularly like this exercise because it allows us to contemplate on what we really are fighting for. Sometimes,we get confused by  our own values. On a lot of instances, we change the way we prioritize them based on our situation. Either ways, we will bear the brunt of all our actions. And that becomes the foundation of our values in the future.

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