SUSI Day 1

This day really started amazing because my family is so busy preparing for my nephew's birthday. You know that child really makes me happy because I have this feeling of being able to forget my problems when I look at his face.
It seems like he is so happy and innocent.
Well, if only all people would be like a child, this world could have been a lot more peaceful than how it could get today.

It's so cool because I've just had the coolest plane ride ever. The adrenaline shits are extracting all the creepiness out of my system and I could hear other people screaming in the plane. It's quite horrible at first, but then it's fun. You just don't have to look outside the window because you'll definitely feel how the storm would evenly want to swallow the plane itself.

Either way, I am very thankful that we made it through the weather leech and walked around the MOA (like I think the nth time already). And finally, I'm finding myself in front of the laptop, technically leeching net somewhere else, and enjoying the lux out of what SUSI could bring me.

Gotta tell you more later.

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