Orientation Day

This is really a great day.

I have met a lot of new faces today, from Indonesia and Malaysia, and of course different teachers.
Well technically, I wonder why university officials don't get to know each other even if they're working in the same school. Maybe because their school is just so big.
Anyway,I guess I'm really having fun here. Most especially that I already love the company of my co-grantees from the Philippines. Mel,Angel, JP,Mik, Mark and Steph are really awesome people and they're really nice people to talk to. I could just share my experience to them in everything because we are of the same background. Just for that going into another country and trying to introduce your culture on them is another challenge that we should take.

It's already 2 AM when I am writing this. Actually, the idea of being in the United States still didn't sink in my mind. I think staying here in Muncie for weeks doesn't change my thinking because it's a suburban place in the US,so it's not the thing that we basically see on tv with those black cars chasing each other in big highways or thieves running their ways across the window panes of skycrapers. I guess Muncie is just ideal for living. The way it is is just the thing I wanna be when I retire.

You know what, there was this thing that almost all of us were confused of. By the way, it's great that American teachers don't get that boring. I mean they're really great in terms of blurting out the humor out of a concept. And they have very good technology that they could be very resourceful in trying to figure out the best way to transmit the learning to their students. I like the American classroom and the teachers are plainly awesome.

For now,I'll try to sleep again and wait 'till the sun show its hands on me, now I meant the rays. Oh, by the way, I remember Suzy say "Oh,I'm such a smarty pants". I remembered something when she said that. Either way, I'm learning so much from all of them.

So that's it for now.


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