What Am I Thinking Today?

Yes, I contemplate.
People contemplate because they feel that this is the best thing that they can do.
It's a validation of self-friendship and projecting what is best for yourself.
A lot of people come in the cycle of life.
You think of one aspect of life, the other one thinks of another in the opposite side of the world.
When they come across, it ends up as a matter of fitting in.
Like a puzzle to complete with a plethora of differences.
Sometimes, we come up with the question, who can be the best people we could possibly have?
Is it a matter of how grounded you were with commonalities?
Or is it more of learning from differences, and complementing each other through times?
We never know. It's a life indeed we're trying to learn.
That is essentially the reason why rejection exists.
That is why break-ups can happen.
That is why ashes turn to dust and lovers to friends.
And the worst when lovers don't end up becoming just friends.
But this is not just about love, seriously.
It's also a matter of how we deal with life.
When we care in a certain group of people,, you'd say you can never please everyone.
Because, it's a matter of relativity.
It's about what you bring to them and what they could perceive from what you brought into them.
Life and engagement.
Indeed, life doesn't have sense when you solitarily prop yourself in isolation.
It's a matter of social construct.
On a lot of cases, the greatest measure of happiness is bounded by social conditions.
Like your family, friends, or lover.
These things end up giving lessons to the lucky ones.
Some people end up as trashes in the reality cycle and become leeches for life lessons other people could have possibly bear a learning from.
Either ways, if it's what destiny brings you or if it's just a matter of repercussions to your pure discretion, you still have to accept it.

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