See You Soonest!

Now that summer is almost over.
What have I really done in my vacation?

Apparently, I've met a lot of people this time of the year.
But of course, it's a lot different now.
Especially that since we transferred house, I won't be able to see my 'kababata' and elementary friends and classmates that frequently.
I also miss my 'ninongs' and 'ninangs' who have been very kind to me in my childhood years.
Things have changed a lot.

This summer, I was able to meet a lot of high school classmates, friends in Bukidnon (my childhood bestfriend), cousins of course,and new faces in random places.
I've gone to Dahilayan, Manila, Iligan and most of the time, CDO since my high school friends are there.
It's gonna be quite difficult if you have to travel places just to meet your treasured friends. But it's okay. It would have been a lot better if their houses are a walk away from our house.

Anyway, I still have this hangover from an overnight in Kath's house. Games. LOVE talk, which they love the most. SHOTS. And i am the victim in this instance, specifically.

By the way, now that summer is almost over. And I'm just getting much of the rest that I could possibly grip for the last days of summer stay in our house. I still yearn for this Bukidnon smell that seems to be too unique. Fresh air is something that's elusive in nature in Iligan. Second, I will definitely miss the silence. Here, you can create noise as much as possible, but people refrain from espousing the noise and its extensions to its neighborhood.It's because silence also fuels the beauty of this place.

But it's not gonna be automatic step off. Actually, I still have a lot of things in mind which I thought would more likely happen in the future but something that I haven't pre-emptedly prepared yet.Like where exactly will I go when I arrive in Iligan? Either ways, let the fate bring me to where I belong. hahaha.

This June 5, I'll be going to Manila again for the visa interview. Question in mind: Is it going to be difficult? Maybe, I just have to do my best so that no regrets will ever cross my line. And second, I am hoping that DOST will be kind to me this time. But actually, they've always been in the past under Maam Ogena. I don't know if it's gonna be the same.

So hours from now,I will find myself in the travails of Iligan. Let things pave my direction. But one thing to remember : Always be good to yourself!

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