The Ride

This is life, it can never be absolutely happy.It can never be perfectly made.It will always have its twists and turns, ups and downs as well. It will make us strong and have faith. Sometimes it makes us cry and suffer, but it will make us stand and learn that no matter how difficult it is, there will always be many reasons to live and smile.

Sometimes, we wanted time to be as fast as a train. So much so as we wanted to leave the facets of the past. But then we loosen our grip, and wished we could have done so much before to make our now a myriad of comfort and content. Just as how we say that time can betray us, yes this is life.Take as much opportunities you could, and drench yourself with the brunt of all your actions.Take the ride with all your heart and soul, and you will live a life with no regrets.

--Shinagawa,Tokyo,Japan. 04.17.10

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