Friends Create Good Memories

High school friends.
Every time I go to CDO. I always get to remember high school memories. All the crazy things we've done, expressions like 'agshids', 'jologs' steps for Love Moves, code-naming for crushes,teacher hating, petty misunderstanding, etc. That is so high school. Minor things get big issues.That's how we deal with the cruciality of our transition towards adulthood and maturity.

This week is really a week to ponder of unforgettable experiences I've shared with those special people I've met. From Monday to Wednesday, I've been with Roberto, Jesus, Jolo, Dixie, Loreto, and other high school friends. We talked a lot. And I just can't get over what Berto recalled. BALANGKAS. It's precisely because I am in the limelight in this issue. Imagine, I submitted a notebook that contains appreciations(*and a bit of criticisms) to my classmates to our History teacher. It is because she requires us to write a summary of lessons in our notebook. And because I'm quite fed up with the lessons that time and due to immeasurable boredom, instead of a lesson summary, I made a classmate profiling. It's like that one in Mean Girls but on the positive light. When she found out of this, I've been so screwed especially that I have influenced my high school close friend Hippo to do the same. And also because I'm the top in our batch, I'm supposed to be the one whose gonna imbue the values for the rest to follow. Oh, that's one unprecedented attention from teachers with repercussion of reprimands that I will never forget.

Moving on, other than those meals I've shared with these close friends of mine (Berto treat in the Red Bee, Jesus in Chowking and Jolo in TF). I also spent good times with friends in Iligan. Like Sir Rodel treated us in Coffeeworks(oh, thanks for the umbrella) with Crezl. Then Jay-r got me for a dinner in Mang Inasal. And the lunch with Ate Kay in Chowking the next day. Then the MIDV shots at Kyla's Bistro with Mark, Karl, Mam Pyet, Sir Darwin. And also the visit to Maam Mara with Calvin and LT.Many acquaintances coupled the trip that's supposed to be stressful in paperworks. I had a great time in Iligan.

GAMARKA is always a good company for me. Karen and Maricar are like adorable angels who can tell me everything they wanna say (*of course, they just told me I'm kind and sweet). Even though Karen and I are closer to one another, we always try to make every opportunity of meeting-up worth reckoning without getting one left hanging or out of place. I just like the way how the friendship lasted even after the Capitol and Night Cafe days.

By the way, we met up the other day. But this time, with Yantzky, Katy, and Beny.And the night is full of laughters. All the way from Mang Inasal, the curly hair in the juice, the running rice (*Karen's grin), Ceasy's group yourselves into 5 (shet,i just find this so funny. I could hardly stop laughing), Arianne's pouting lips for Katy, the rice cup competition (won by Beny), and the keeping of change. (*again , courtesy of Beny).

Then we went to Missy Bon Bon. Ceas gave us a treat again with the Gelatos. Just that, they ended up dipping on the Mixed Berry Yogurt I ordered because they feel like it's way better than theirs. Then we talked and talked and talked until 11. And walked in the highway, not even thinking I still have to go home in Bukidnon. That's the reason why I arrived home so late. 12:15 I think. Then my Ma asked me why do I have to fill in the quota of the night. I just said, " It's always factored in!".

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