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Every vacation, there's a reason to visit Manila. If it's not for debate, it's about attending a conference or programme. Yet for now, obviously, it's going to sound more debate-ish as the perspective draw for my experience in LSIV. Technically, travelling with same people for a while and some people enter. I heart debate.

The photo above is taken at the Society Lounge. Maybe a great party, but if only you know, this was followed by some strings of heartache. But nevertheless, everything seemed to be fine now. I just learned to trust again.

So that's my team for this debate tournament. Apparently not my dream team, of course I have to be more specific. But it went through the rounds. No much gap in the speaker scores and everything was done to constructively assess the motions. Maybe, I just don't like the Asians that much because I get noticed more in the BP season. So it's a matter of a contrasting preview.

Just as how the match-ups is being explicit, it's an IV so you could expect the weirdest compo's and even international teams to flood the tournament. That itself placed an essential spice for the debate run and how it differs from other union-sanctioned tournaments locally.

And LSIV experience will never be complete without strolling to places. We went to different shopping malls, coffee shops and a bar. That's what defines Manila lights.

And because Calvin and I are quite bored with the flight delay, we took a pic not just for aesthetic reasons. But more of setting the tone for our team-up in the upcoming MPDC.I hope I could get by and won't rust after my trip.

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