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I'm supposed to write "Stages of Human Life". But it popped out into my mind. I'm not going to write about life per say, but the emotions that are attached in every stage of the life driven and how exactly do we deal with it.

The first stage is CHILDHOOD.

During childhood, you learn values from home. You come to contrast these values with what is being taught in school. In our primary years, we learn how to be good and to be bad. Pretty off, it's not exclusive in this context. But it's where the paramount validation of that learning comes in. We learn how to play basic games that teaches us sportsmanship. It geared us basic concepts that the society we are into is filled with hierarchy of leadership where accountability lies. We elect President of the Class, Prince and Muse, or even the cleaners for the day. These concepts are simple things we come to neglect. But it taught us that a place shared by fractions is a direct accountability of its own margins. 

Certain predispositions prop out in open. Say for example,those students who sit in front of the columns are believed to be intelligent. And those who are dumb nuggets living in academic shame are placed in Row 4, last seat and near the CR or the trash can. Those are frames of inherent cultures that were imbued on us, yet the principle behind it was never corrected at all. In elementary, we learn to have crushes. We develop emotions toward someone we prefer because of the social nature that preference is bounded by physical attributes. But later on, we realize that there are diverse landscapes of preference. In our primary years, we tend to create social bonds. Sometimes, tensions arise but were never taken seriously. Because in childhood, emotions are immature and temporal attachments only remain temporal. It's a time of exploration and shallow perception of life, of relationships and of emotions. It's like a playground that carves our dreams and futures.

During HIGH SCHOOL, we come to explore more. We have a better grasp of life. We tend to carry certain obligations and attest to them already. Like the fact that we seem to fear getting failure grades because we might disappoint our parents or when we start practicing better hygiene in fear of bumping underdressed in front of our crushes. All these things are start-offs to accountability. And we become better individuals for ourselves.

But beyond that, we compare even more. We compare our lifestyles to others. We compare our social placement, familial status, comparative disadvantages and all other things. These are things bounded with acquaintances that trigger you to do so. If you feel disadvantaged, you crave for better. That is where the spice to life enter the scenario. 

But more than all these things, we come to learn more of affection.And that is the sad reality that is very very clean. I don't know if it's a good idea to engage into love this early. High school should be all about academic expansions, and pursuit of whatever endeavors you exercise. But whatever it is that you feel, the maturity scales tell you it's purely infatuation. 

But in the crucial part of College, there's a big dichotomy. First is for those individuals who overtook everything that I lamented about earlier - responsibility. These people, not necessarily unaware of their options, got stringed towards having children at a young age. Second is for those who cannot afford to go into college unless you get a well-off scholarship that's going to springboard your ability to study. And third is for those who finally made their way to university in purpose because they're capable.

Whatever that purpose would be, the fact of the matter is, you are now a college student. In college years, you build the foundation of emotions that you will bring into your entire life. The way you deal with problems and challenges are facets to how you respond with trials in the actual cycle. And that is why every action that you do in college is a reflection of what you're gonna be in the future.

You can be hardworking, spend the years flirting, or leap out of focus and have extra-curricular commitments. Either way, the only thing you realize in the end is the brunt of consequences you encounter for all the choices that you've had. Yes, you can opt to balance but that comes at the expense of what facilitates best your emotional maturity. Simply put, if you're a college student or at least in the age of a college student, you should be mature enough.You are the one making yourself and you're setting your own path to where you belong. Don't leave it all to predestination. Everything can be set by your own actions. 

In college, things are way crucial. Engagement to work is crucial to academics. Engagement into love might be crucial to rationality. Once you fall in love in college, it's very difficult to move on. It's like a trap of affection that seemingly blew you off in the gray body and there's no way out at all. But things that we value greater before that love was made are things that can ensue your salvation. And make them as a tool for you to move forward. Never be blown by love in its entirety, for it might be late that you realize, you don't deserve the love you once thought was real.Or if it's any real, then fine to make constructive engagement. But always leave something for yourself. People who are blown by love get out of focus, except love. After all, the greatest best friend you have is yourself, and no one else. And these emotional attachments still need validation through the seasons.

It's a matter of how of how you balance it. It's a matter of how you deal with your emotions. 

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