What Have I Really Left For Myself?

There are two things that pierce the human heart : moments we wish would last forever and moments we wish we had never begun.
Now, I'm choosing the latter.

People demand for honesty.
And I just don't know, but I've been fairly honest to people most of the time.
Sometimes,I'm just way too straightforward.
But I don't know why life's been badly unfair in bringing me acquaintances with people who've badly lived a life on it.
Yes, they did.
They rant at it.
They can afford to take on what they wanted for people to believe.
And make it look like, they're heavenly innocent and they're not bringing people down.
In the end, they'll surely get the final laugh.
For they're able to trap and fool people.
No, I'm not holding grudge against anyone.
Just writing in purpose in travail of the experience for this regard.
Now, it's so difficult to trust anyone.
People you crossed along with are just masks of random intentions.
I have to double-think.
And maybe get some chill in my father's place for a while.
Just got to live myself the way I did when everything's still fine.
I have too many best of friends (*Hey Blog, you're one of them) and a very good family to count on than just insist myself to people who make betrayal a hobby pie in disguise.
I wasn't able to leave any amor propio lately.
I'm emotionally sick, really.
Martyrdom is a crime.
But I'm hoping to hold on my conviction this time.
This time is different.
It's just too sad to think that certain things have to end this way.

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