On my academics

Just right now, I realized I'm being negligent with my academics.
I don't really study the same way I study in the past.
When I was in high school, I always view for excellence.
Right now, I'm so contented with a passing score.
So there must be a reform.
Well apparently, I remember saying this last semester but it didn't happen.
Maybe the college atmosphere contributes to the fact that aiming high in academics isn't really a great value.
That's for me. I don't know with others.
So how exactly will I even deal with it?
Because I'm quite complacent.
I'm confident that I will pass all my subjects this semester.
But am I really sure that it will be translated to its tangible ends?
Will I wait for the time that I would get a failure mark in my evaluation?
There's still finals.
I can do more to push things to its assurance.
I need to do more.
I need a study habit.
I have chosen Chemical Engineering. And this is the constraint.

Okay. I'll share some funny stuff in my academics.
There is this boring teacher of mine (it's highly relative, but for most of us, she is).
Yesterday, when we are having our class, I wrote a paper that she is a walking sleeping pill.
And I have it passed to all of my classmates.
Just after it reached the last person to read the note, a student entered the classroom and have something signed by our teacher.
So that's 5 minutes of luck. No boredom.
I just don't know. But her voice will really entice my whole body to sleep.
Just right after she's about to present the lesson again, another teacher came to ask something about the Boracay trip for the teachers. And it took them 10 minutes talking outside. 10 minutes of liberty, I'm safe and kept on chatting with my classmates.
When she came back, she talked about the lesson.
2 minutes after, the person who carries the evaluation form came in and asked us to evaluate our teacher. So that would be 15 minutes.
After the 15 minutes, the brownout started.hahaha

What a lucky day. Just so right, the 1 1/2 hours lecture was over.

So this is me. Not listening to my teacher at all. I sleep in class. I talk with my seatmates. And photocopy their notes. And when I come home, I've lost the photocopy (it happened many times)

I am complacent. If I could have done something to prevent this, I shouldn't have all these apprehensions at all.

Reform. I am detached from my academics already. And I can't afford to fail.
Achieve. Don't rely on luck.
Everything has to be paid with hard work.

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