On Choices

This world is a world of apprehensions, of doubts and confusion.
Life, as we may see it in a very temporal way, is a LIFE in a world of billion people trying their best to have a place in this world.
As we may say that life is too complex,there are people that we encounter in life and all of them have a purpose.
They come in our lives in a time-specific because that's the way for them to serve their purpose.
We never know what life may bring us.
We always come to say the kind of choice that we make for our lives set our own destinies.
But if that would be the logic, where's the idea of predestination we used to believe?
Where is the exercise to religion and belief to fate comes in?
More likely, life is a manifestation of everything that we do in our lives.
If we settle to be like this for a certain time, the brunt of that particular choice is something that you will bear for the rest of your life.
For many times in the past, I have reproached myself for certain choices that I've made.
The choice of school, the choice of being rogue to my parents (quite a bit), the choice of being taciturn, the choice of not being able to prepare on exams that badly needs one and a lot more.
Recently, I've realized that not all choices are as founded and rational as they are.
There are choices that we do simply because we're driven with our emotions already and the choice is a choice under duress.
There are choices that we make for ourselves simply because we're placed in a straight jacket condition and we feel that the world has placed all the double-standards on us.
Either ways, the sad reality of life is, we are still the ones who will be held accountable in everything that we do.
Most particularly, there are options we make simply because we don't wanna inflict harm or hurt to other people.
There are choices that we do for we simply would want to accede to the demands of the society.
The culture that we are into are preconditions to a lot of choices.
For example, we're not allowed to marry our siblings or cousins because we're preconditioned to think that it's a social taboo.
All these things, couples to the fact that your life isn't fully a life of your own choice.
It's a life maligned to take state's interest, or your familial discretion for you.
This is the saddest reality of social hierarchy, and we need to embrace it.

March 7, 2011 11:45 AM

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