Love Satisfies

Everyone wants to feel that they are special. People desire for uniqueness that is why if someone belongs to a group, they look for something that separates them from each other. They keep building walls after walls and make labels after labels. We wonder why society has become more and more complicated from generation to generation because it must have been caused by our simple craving to be satisfied by fame, attention and too much of narcissism when all we truly need is to LOVE and be LOVED.
When you keep looking outside and be motivated by the praises around, we are exchanging ourselves’ value to rotten tomatoes. It’s like trading all the groceries you just bought from the supermarket to a cat’s poop. Let’s open our eyes; your worth is even more that those groceries – it’s immeasurable and truly irreplaceable. You see, as civilization progresses, we find more and more excuses such as fathers has to do work overtime or why mothers must be there at the office. We have made lives turn from fast to superfast and then everything we do turns out to be all accelerated that we forget to live by the moment but to keep looking forward to what is about to happen. Our minds and hearts were made to be people of tomorrow, no longer people of today. Enjoyment becomes superficial because we have allowed world to dictate us who we should be and why we should do things accordingly that we miss our real essence.
Have you ever imagined a butterfly trying to live under the sea because he thinks he was not meant to fly? Close your eyes and think of where you are right now and then try to answer this - Are you contented? If you ask me, I would answer a big NO because truly even me is not satisfied with what I have. If you are that butterfly we talked about, you must have been moving beyond your limits to dance when you were really made to paint and write. Must have been that at some point of our lives, we desired that we all have everything we need, every talent that anyone could have and up to the brink of reality we move to the galaxy of dreams where we once thought if I was superman or cat woman - I would have made a difference?
We seek love and we confuse it for attention driven by self centeredness and selfishness, and confuse loving for the word popular. Yes, I thought I heard you say I’m Mr. Know-it-all but I am not and I have lot of things to learn in this life. I always thought that if I keep pleasing people around me, the smile inside would keep burning but instead it almost died. As I turn my head back, I realized that we are made to love and be loved. You must have run though life long enough but admit to yourself that the best fuel is not hate or anger but LOVE. If you’re a Solar Car, definitely sunlight must have been your fuel but the difference is you’re a live being. You are not a robot machine that needs kerosene or gasoline in order to work.
Making things complicated is always man’s way of understanding and I admit to that fact that we always see things in complexity when all were made to be simple. Definitely, we look for specifics in life and so do I for I always desire for some place where I can be truly happy, some job that will truly satisfy and define who I am, and some reasons why I should be doing things the way things should be because I really don’t know what it should be.
Your head must be confused upon reading the whole bits and pieces but one thing I want to share with you. Love is all you need and whatever you’re looking in your life at the moment – Fill your heart with LOVE and I bet you –IF ITS LOVE, IT SATISTIES and even OVERFLOWS. =D

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