This year really started a full blast for me.
Everything is almost perfect as it is.
Almost all the losses that I had last year were quite redeemed.
Well, I actually have three and all of which are supplemented just within the three months of 2011.

Let's start with the first, the loss of the cheque.
Finally, the loss was compensated after we were able to track who got the cheque I've lost in the hallway October last year.

Secondly, is the most unexpected win in the 23rd Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championship in Davao City last February 18-20. Unexpected in a sense that we didn't really prepare that much for that competition particularly. I think I have practiced only thrice with my teammates before that contest. But I'm really so proud for both of them. They really brought me up. But beyond our team, I'm so so happy with the performance of our contingent in general. First time, in the history of MIDV, did we ever rank as 1st and 2nd in the breaks. It's really perfect. You know I have lots of apprehensions before that competition, the fear of not being able to break. Our newbie team is really astounding. They ranked 18th out of 48 teams, that's so amazing already. Imagine how this competition happened to be their first for a lot more upcoming tourneys. And they performed that well. Apparently, we never ranked when I first competed. I lost a lot of times before I broke and become a debate champion.(my MPDC semi's last semester is the most sucking debate performance I ever had with a big audience).

Thirdly, is this global opportunity.I've been very thankful that I am selected as one of the 7 Filipinos to represent the Philippines in the Study of the United States Summer Institutes New Media and Politics Course. I am very excited to finally go to US this July. But before this brand of happiness that I am feeling now,all the kind of depression have entrenched my system already. Like the fact that I am one of the 17 Philippine Finalists for the Global UGRAD opportunity last year but was not selected in the final screening in Washington DC. Or maybe the fact that I was 46th and waitlisted in the 21st International Youth Forum by NCYOK in South Korea which brings 45 international delegates last year. I've waited and never lost hope. Finally, God has left me something. I'm bound to realize that everything is meant to happen as they are. There's a reason for everything. And as I've said in my recent blog post, they come in our lives on a certain specified time frame.

Happy and healthy family, very supportive friends and classmates, and a special someone.
All those people made me the person I am today.

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