Content and its Elusiveness

Ever since we entered this world, we embraced the idea that being looked-up is something that one must aspire for.
That aspiration to be successful in any field we'd like to practice is an inherent social mindset that is integrated in the lifeblood of our everyday living.
And as we draw our our own path in search of our destinies, we come to seek for motivations for those goals to be nearer at hand.
Sometimes, the dreams we longed before are there upfront our visage, yet we loosened our grip and failed to take even a tiny grasp of it.
Resilience comes in, and words of encouragement come out in open.
Then another bust of chaste pens your will.
This is life.
We live because of tomorrow.
Indeed, there are times that we do paramount sacrifices just to witness its coming.
We are willing to trade-off things that cross-cuts certain obvious values just to fill the whim.
The sad reality is, caprices are back-offs to these chances.
We grow old, we learn more and more life values, and tend to reproach ourselves for things we could have done in the past.
Sometimes, we blame fate for choosing us to take the option it brought upon us.
Yet, the fact of the matter is, it's an unending search of no one because we're afraid to face the reality that today is the brunt of accountability for things we've done in the past.
Content, is it really existent in this world?
For when the world came to shower earthling blessings, why are certain individuals way ascendant over the other?
Why did history unfold to teach us of social hierarchy that certain individuals can live in their inferiority complex for the rest of their lives?
Maybe, the whole fact of discontent fuels life .
For if it isn't there in the scenario, there's no enough incentive to chase for life in its paramounce.
If it isn't there in the first place, life could have been as plain as clouds that exist in a moment and vanishes at any rate.
Content is elusive.
That is the splice of life that bounds us to where we are today, yearn for more and better.

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